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need some help with Tesla style headunit

hello everyone I decided to take a new project on my 2010 370z roadster with OEM nav unit , as most of you knows they never developed a Tesla style

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Default need some help with Tesla style headunit

hello everyone

I decided to take a new project on my 2010 370z roadster with OEM nav unit , as most of you knows they never developed a Tesla style unit for the 370z " with nav unit" but I got my hand on Nissan patrol Tesla style unit which fits almost perfectly with the wiring that it came with I managed to make the sound fully work flawlessly with steering wheel control and Bose amp , but the problem I faced is the ac controller it never worked unless I connected every single OEM peice I took off including :-

1- ac + stereo face plate that it have it's own cercit board.
2- keypad " the one we use to navigate the OEM nav unit .
3- the OEM screen .
4- the OEM actual stereo player which is the silver big box that sets behind all of the mentioned stuff which includes the 6 CD changer .

keeping in mind I managed to get the sound fully working and controlled without all of this things , what my idea was is to connect the Tesla style unit and the face plate for ac controller with little bit of cutting to the plastic body only not the board and make everything work , but that didn't happen so now my main question is how to a fully bypass the 6 CD changer big silver box since it's the biggest unit that takes the most of the space that I barely have .

what I left with is the following " incase no one was able to help me " :-

1- convert my car ac controller to manual one which is really ugly with the big to rounded knobs that should be in a Ford f150 not 370z .... just kidding, even if that's possible and am not sure about it .

2- extend all the OEM wiring and connect all the OEM parts that I Discconeccted and place them somewhere in my tiny cabin while connecting the Tesla style unit and c if that will work .

so please help me
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My guess is that the audio worked because Nissan is still using the same 20 pin audio connector and pin out definition as their previous models. That is probably where the compatibility ends, unfortunately.

In the Navi based 370Z, the stock HU is a CAN network bridge between two CAN bus networks; the main network that the ECU, AC Amp, ABS, etc devices are on, and the "infotainment" network that the stereo, Navi controls, and AC controls are on. The CAN packets on the infotainment network are translated to CAN packets in the main network to control main network devices (AC Amp for example). The networks use different packet IDs (Nissan specific) and are probably optimized for a specific system. I would be very surprised if the CAN packet structure was at all compatible. So, this is why it only works with the 370Z HU installed and not with the Patrol unit (are the connectors event he same??).

Of the two options you mentioned, I would not even consider #2 further. Not only would it be extremely difficult to move the stock HU to another location and rewire (It hurts my head even thinking about all that would entail...) Even if the CAN packets were identical in the Partol system you have and the 370Z's main CAN network and you have both devices connected, it still would not solve anything because you cannot have two AC controllers sending AC status CAN commands at the same time.

Option #1 is possible and there are even several methods available to remove the stock Navi. I am working on a project as well that deals with this exact situation with regards to AC control in custom Navi installations.

The problem you are going to have is trying to shoehorn an AC system from another car into the Z. At the very least, this would probably require a custom CAN translator that converts the Nissan Patrol system CAN structure for AC control to the Z's. This is not trivial and would require reverse engineering the CAN packet structures and there may not even be feature compatibility.

Is there a reason to use the Nissan Patrol system? Even if it were possible to integrate the Nissan Patrol system, I would be far simpler to use a non-Nissan Tablet based or aftermarket Navi based system. Have you seen the Brainiac Tablet kit?
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1st of all thanks for the very informative answer even tho I didn't fully understand it coz it seems that u are extremely familiar with the technical words for every single part unlike me , 2nd of all after alot of research and lots of burned fuses I was able to get almost everything working and managed to get rid of both the OEM screen and keypad without effecting anything , the answer to why I end up using Nissan patrol unit is I live in Dubai and its extremely popular car here so parts for this car was extremely easy to source out and pretty cheap 2 and comes with loads of different Nissan wiring which helped alot without the need to cut and trace every single wire and the surrounding of the Nissan patrol frame is very similar to 370z frame so it needs minor modifications.... in simple words I managed to get the sound perfectly working with steering wheel control and OEM ac controller working which was my main concern ... what I lost is the following all the information that the OEM screen displays but I think I can connect the output connector as an aux to the Tesla screen and display it from there but I wont be control it unless I connected the keypad which I don't have the space too , I'll post some pics soon to show everyone what's really going on .... any fearther help will be appreciated
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