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Pics of all the mods and so on.... RoZy is looking sharp!!
small sig
Amuse Body Kit
ps can
New wing
Seibon NS Spoiler!
cmos 200
awesome fit!
nice and shiny
HKS Hi Power tips
Mounted on Taka's car at the Dealership... soon to be dismantled!
IMG 0316
IMG 0317
IMG 0319
IMG 0320
15mm front and 20mm rear
15mm front and 20mm rear
front 15mm and rear 20mm, no drop
front 15mm and rear 20mm, no drop
mount the wheel
remount the brake caliper
remount the discs and spacer
reinstall star wheel and spring tensioner
tighten down studs as you replace them
slide studs in on an angle
remover the star wheel spacer
Remove the spring tensioner

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