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  1. chrischhorn
    05-24-2013 03:48 AM - permalink
    I'm probably only doing a 75 shot due to the lack of tuner experience out here with the 370z. I'm the 1st and only 370z to have been tuned on Oahu thus far. I just took it to the best 350z tuner here. Only thing I am changin is the spark plugs to 1 step colder which isn't even necessary for a 75 shot. No reason to upgrade injectors or pump yet. With the wet kit, its already got a way to compensate with more fuel without changing the injectors so I think I'll be fine. If it was a dry kit, then yes, injectors would be 100% necessary.
  2. chrischhorn
    05-24-2013 02:23 AM - permalink
    I've always been a fan of Nitrous Express kits. Not to mention, the NX kits are rated whp and not crank HP like most kits. I've always had good luck with them. Ran 4-5 different kits on various cars I've had. All worked without a hitch.
  3. XwChriswX
    05-09-2013 10:13 AM - permalink
    Look at it like this:

    RE-11 - Great track tire that can street
    PSS - Great street tire that can track

    I've had my fronts on for god knows how long... They've outlasted the rears that came with them, mileage on another set of tires, and the rears I have on now. So you wouldn't be buying 4 new all the time.

    Conti DW's are a good alternative for less cost, they're usually #2 in rankings after PSS.

    Falkens are not even worth mentioning imo.
  4. XwChriswX
    05-09-2013 09:58 AM - permalink
    I have the PSS' myself, right now 255/35F 295/30R. When the fronts wear out, I will be going for 265's to help with potential understeer. Have had no problems at all and love them. That one guy with his "I hate PSS'" is a bit ridiculous. But to each unto their own...

    Dude, Shhh about the form of racing that we don't discuss around here!
  5. XwChriswX
    03-09-2013 06:52 AM - permalink
    Ugh, LUCKY! I wish I could be back there myself lol I miss it so much. Hope you're stayin safe!

    Actually a bunch of progress has been made, I don't remember if the last time we talked I told you I had my wing on or not, if so, It's ON!!! She looks soooooo good! I'm waiting for it to warm up for a bit before doing a full shoot of it. Also, either this week or potentially next week, I'm getting the AAM intakes installed and finally getting it tuned. I will be D-O-N-E with performance mods... (until I have the money for boost! ) But yeah, so then the next big step is saving up to get my headlights done by 180*customs. Other then that, just trying to keep it from getting scratched to hell from all the gravel they put down here every time the weatherman even thinks of saying a word that starts with S and ends with "ruins your car".

    Hope all is goin well for ya bud, when is your return date, do you know yet?

  6. LennyZCSD
    10-16-2012 10:17 AM - permalink
    Take him into the twisties
  7. JC671
    04-12-2012 07:34 PM - permalink
    Hey bro, I understand you want to save the limited truck space but its a must to have a blow down tube if your gonna track your car. My tube goes down beneathe the trunk. Its where theres a rubber grommet. Also, I've run 75 and 100 just fine. The placement I had in my initial setup is not like that anymore. Its recommended that the bottle be tilted with the lower end of the bottle facing the back of the car. Because during hard acceleration you want the nitrous to be falling to the back of the bottle where the hose picks it up. Good luck.
  8. JC671
    04-09-2012 07:05 PM - permalink
    Hey whats up man, I'm using the stock plugs for now. I'll upgrade later and yes I did install a blow down tube.
  9. One_Quick_Z
    04-09-2012 11:19 AM - permalink
    Not to my 370Z I havent
  10. One_Quick_Z
    04-07-2012 08:44 AM - permalink
    If you plan on running a 100shot set up you will need then, there are several companies that make them NGK is one brand even Zex makes some.

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