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  1. CGMobile370Z
    12-23-2009 04:07 PM - permalink
    Well its good to be home i have car parts everywhere and no time to do the work. Hope your holliday is going good
  2. CGMobile370Z
    12-01-2009 08:09 PM - permalink
    AHHHH so i have been car pooling to work last few days an my car has its infamous dead battery again. This is the third time i no i havent had 3 bad batteries. I have already had 2 changed under warranty and im leaving on friday for Gitmo/Puerto Rico/Miami. This is really driving me crazy with the dead battery crap wish the dealership could figure out where the draw is coming from and fix my car.
  3. CGMobile370Z
    11-27-2009 02:51 PM - permalink
    hotchkis sway bars bought them from THMotorsports
  4. CGMobile370Z
    11-25-2009 08:57 PM - permalink
    lol yah well i have broke *** syndrom atm cause i keep spending money. The worst thing is waiting for stuff 2 get here all i have so far is sway bars
  5. CGMobile370Z
    11-25-2009 03:29 PM - permalink
    We shall c the parts just got sent out yesterday so i figure mid next week sometime i will have the CF parts an the coilovers an camber kit then put it all on i cant wait
  6. CGMobile370Z
    11-21-2009 12:46 PM - permalink
    Yah the CF one and i havent thought about doing the tail light yet if its easy enough i may try that one out let me know how it goes
  7. CGMobile370Z
    11-20-2009 07:07 PM - permalink
    Yah i want the evo-r rear diffuser but i think i am broke after my current spending spree LOL. Oh yah i got the evo-r fang cover as well coming in LOL
  8. CGMobile370Z
    11-20-2009 03:08 PM - permalink
    How yah been man went crazy after i came back from my TDY trip in NC ordered Hotchkis sway bars SPC fron an rear chamber kit and BC coilovers lol
  9. CGMobile370Z
    11-06-2009 05:40 PM - permalink
    Yah man but i think you have to be like a dealer to get into that place an then i heard the tickets are like 400 bucks. I still think it would be worth it to go just. I am also looking at the JDM CF engine bay stuff love the look of CF. Oh yah i also got my orders to Miami, FL Feb 2010 we have to get the Z together before i head out.
  10. CGMobile370Z
    11-05-2009 06:32 PM - permalink
    Ok so lesson learned 11 hours in the Z kills your back. Was fun listening to the exhaust not looking forward to the drive back next week. Hows your car been holding up. I put in for the group buy of B pillars from spawn aero hope it works out. Still havent decided on rims wish Forgestar wasnt **** casue i really like the look.

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