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  1. CGMobile370Z
    10-23-2009 11:40 AM - permalink
    I thought about coilovers and bbk but i think i may just go with springs and rotors just cause its much cheaper and i think it will still look good
  2. CGMobile370Z
    10-23-2009 05:25 AM - permalink
    Yah the top cat nut is redick i went to sears and bought/temporarily borrowed 2 20" ext. half inch drive and a 6 point torque bit socket in 14mm and just broke those nuts on both side since i had new hardware from stillen took me almost 12 hours 2 put on HFC CAI and NST pulleys but i was on ramps LOL im just glad when FI exhaust gets in its all i have 2 do but when there headers come out that will be another fun struggle lol what you future plans on the Z
  3. CGMobile370Z
    10-22-2009 09:28 PM - permalink
    Did you get it put on???
  4. CGMobile370Z
    10-21-2009 11:44 PM - permalink
    lucky well i just got cut from work off to the house finally
  5. CGMobile370Z
    10-21-2009 11:35 PM - permalink
    Will do my exhaust should be here by tuesday wish i could dip out of work that day and install it
  6. CGMobile370Z
    10-21-2009 09:37 PM - permalink
    I should be doing them sat if everything works out also planning to paint the fangs part of rear bumper and door handles flat black like simolta did think it looks sweet
  7. CGMobile370Z
    10-21-2009 07:02 PM - permalink
    When your account was charged for the cat back from FI how long it take to get to your door mine just got sent out im so freaking excited for it to get here
  8. CGMobile370Z
  9. CGMobile370Z
    10-15-2009 10:07 PM - permalink
    From reading the DIY that caravansha made up you have to do a little splicing and sodering not sure what apoxy he used to reseal but ill probably snag some aviation grade stuff from work =). I hate electricity as well thats why ima have the tweets at work help me out. I think you wire it to the same wires as your runnning lights so it will come on with those and of course your headlights. Just think it looks so cool
  10. CGMobile370Z
    10-15-2009 07:04 PM - permalink
    I was thinking of doing a matt black for the rims. Rims are unfortunatley $5600 without tires i have 3k saved. Begining of Nov i go to Elizabeth City for 2 weeks to change out an engine so ill make like $1400 from driving there and back then roomies give rent money extra 800 about puts me there. CinCity wants 625 i think for LED lights and black paint i dont think its worth it so ima try myself. There are alot of Aviation Electrical Techs at work are willing to help me so i ordered the LEDs $12 and replacement HID bulbs $51 just gotta get shrink wrap for no more than $10 and spray paint think in all i wont spend more than $100 for the lights we shall c

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