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Tesla Screen Builld
Here are photos from my build for a Tesla inspired In-Car Infotainment System.
Vents and start button snapping in great!
The first fitment
Front of 3d print and screen
Rear of 3d print and screen
Zoomed 02
Zoomed 01
Early user interface wireframe
UI Concept
Dash Interior
Tesla Store Research
Redesign Mesh 02
Redesign Render 01
Redesign Mesh 01
Just got my screen in!!
Screen 2 Dimensions
Screen 3 Dimensions
Help us CHOOSE OUR MONITOR! These are the monitors we have limited it down to. Each has its own pros and cons. 
Monitor #1 // is infrared so it...
Vector Points 2
Vector Points 3
Vector Points 1
Render 6
Render 3
Render 4
Render 5
Render 1
Render 2
Top Tabs
Dash Tabs Before Render
Dash Tabs
I found one in black!

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