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Tesla Screen Builld
Here are photos from my build for a Tesla inspired In-Car Infotainment System.
Another Screen option
This is a picture of the monitor I'm hoping to use for the build.
Had a setback in the design today...
Inventor clear mesh progress. 7.10.2015
Inventor rear mesh progress. 7.10.2015
This is an idea I'm throwing around for my Tesla screen!
This is the final frame from my short video on the progress so far.
Wrapping the sides and vents in 3ds Max.
Centrafuse Speedo for the PC
Centrafuse Screenshot for the PC
Centrafuse climate control for the PC
centrafuse weather for the PC
Centrafuse for the PC
Reconstructing dash from the 3d scan. Soon we will be fitting the new dash to the monitor model.
Designing the DVD player and 15.6" monitor to fit our custom infotainment center.
Reducing poly count from 137k vertices. This could be a minute.
Shout out to Jeff from Direct Dimensions for all your help on the scan.
Ready. Set. SCAN!
Watching Jeff and the Faro ScanArm at work.
Designing computer components for the upcoming build.
Earlier this week we were so pumped to beginning scanning then we ran into our first bump in the road. We had to switch from an AMD motherboard to...
Almost complete.
Scan complete. Over the next few weeks we will be redesigning the dash to fit the new 15.6" widescreen.
Pulling out the cubby and vents. Our main focus is on the center dash facing.
Look what we got in the mail! We can't wait to begin 3D scanning with Kinect for Windows.
Our first attempt scanning with Kinect. Not 100% perfect, but it's a start. We will continue practicing with Kinect while exploring other scanning...
Look what we got in the mail! We can't wait to begin 3D scanning with Kinect for Windows.
Like many other Z owners, we have been very unhappy with the front facing glovebox. So we have decided to design a Tesla inspired infotainment...

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