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AK370Z has a reputation beyond reputeAK370Z has a reputation beyond reputeAK370Z has a reputation beyond reputeAK370Z has a reputation beyond reputeAK370Z has a reputation beyond reputeAK370Z has a reputation beyond reputeAK370Z has a reputation beyond reputeAK370Z has a reputation beyond reputeAK370Z has a reputation beyond reputeAK370Z has a reputation beyond reputeAK370Z has a reputation beyond repute
***Forum Rules ll DAILY DOWNTIME ll Off Topic Section Rules ll Sig & Avatar Rules ll How to Embed YouTube Videos ll You Must Read, Accept and Follow These Rules! ***

Forum Rules for ALL SECTIONS of FORUM

* Discussion of illegal activities are not allowed.

* Each member is allowed one login account. Registering with multiple accounts is not allowed. Also, please note, we DO NOT delete usernames. If you've sold your 370Z or do not wish to browse our forum anymore, just don't log in.

* We reserve the right to remove offensive posts without a notice as posting here is a privilege not a right. We cannot possibly read every single post made on the forum but we do review every single reported post. Please REPORT (- Icon located in the bottom left corner of every post ) any posts you think are violating the forum rules

* If you are going to post non-English on these forums, please also post an English Translation of your post.

*You can ONLY comment a thread or post as a "REPOST" IF you can provide the link to the previous thread. If you can't provide the previous thread, then please don't reply "repost" in such threads.

* You cannot post any affiliate or referral links, or post anything asking for a referral. Such posts will be subject to removal.

*Also, we DO NOT allow any "JAILBAIT" picture thread (or PEDOBEAR CONTENT) here at (Not even in "Gentleman's Lounge" or "Premium Members Lounge" ). Child pornography (or anything that nature) is a serious offense and crime.

* We do not welcome threads/posts discussing politics or religion. Any threads or post containing political or religious debate will be deleted and member will get a warning.

* acknowledges that street racing is an illegal activity. We DO NOT condone these illegal activities OR welcome posts discussing street racing or 'kills'. Any posts discussing street racing OR any other illegal activity will be removed with no notice. Any activity or driving that you WOULDN'T do if you have a cop car behind/next to your car, don't post it here.

*Always post in mature, clear English. Use proper punctuation, post brief but clear thread titles. Don't post silly answers, useless guesses, explicit (genitals or sexual) questions like how do I - <explicit content here> do this, or misleading or deliberately deceptive information. Don't constantly post one-line replies of no real value. Take the time to think carefully about a topic, construct your post properly and post with purpose. Again, let me remind you, posting here is a privilege not a right!

* DO NOT post useless replies in ANY Tech Section threads. Keep your posts on topic. Failure to do so WILL get you a little time off from the forums.

* DO NOT post links of your website or A company to advertise your product or service anywhere in the forums(i.e. avatar/sig/post/threads). You must be a vendors/sponsors/supporting dealers in order to do so.

Effective immediately, we no longer allow links from other 370Z forums/magazines/online blog (or previously banned vendors) etc. Please refrain from posting any links from other 370Z forums/magazines/blogs (or banned vendors website) (absolutely NO CROSSPOSTING!) . You can post links from other car forums (non 370Z), websites, blogs etc. We reserve the right to remove any content from a competing Z forum/blog whether it's a past or future Z model. We have link censor turned ON. So, if you paste a link in a thread and you get asterisks like this www.***********/article, DO NOT post that link. Send me pm and we can talk about it. If you do see a link from other 370Z forum or censored site, feel free to report it Willingly violating this rule will earn you temp ban with NO warning.

*If you've gotten a "unbelievable" deal from a Nissan Dealer on your 370Z, DO NOT post all their salespersons names or referral links or email addresses etc. You should just post the price and the dealer name (only). DO NOT post their website link or salespersons phone no. or how you can make "$50" if one refers your name. You can suggest them (dealer) to become a "Supporting Dealer" here and then you can post/advertise their link. One must be a supporting vendor/sponsor/dealer to advertise here at

*Harassment of other members will not be tolerated.(No matter how bad they deserve it). If you don't like their post, IGNORE IT! (added by onethreefive)

* With that said, I just want to remind everyone that we take harassment, personal attack or name calling against another fellow member VERY seriously. If you DO NOT agree with what someone posted, simply reply in simple words why you don't agree or report the post to me (AK370Z). DO NOT harass or attack another member. Failure to do so will earn you a little time off our forums.

* If a member is banned, DO NOT start a thread (or post) asking "Why ______ was banned?". You're more than welcome to pm me (AK370Z).

* Please DO NOT make any harassing, derogatory, hateful comment against Law Enforcement Officers. You will NOT be sent any warning for your action but rather a temp ban if you violate this rule.

*NO PORN or NAKED content in regular forum section(You may use Premium Members Lounge). Also NO Animated/Cartoon nudity, Animal Genitalia, Sex toy images, Images alluding to sex acts/bodily fluids (Feces, Urine, Semen, Etc.). No Bare as*(Pics/Videos/Animations). A covering of some sort must be visible. (Ex: a string bikini/thong). Excessive Gore Includes but is not limited to: Dead bodies, serious accidents, cut up body parts or pictures of that nature, Cruelty to animals etc are NOT permitted.

*Racist, sexist, ethnic remarks, including slang or malicious stereotyping, of any kind are unacceptable. This includes male members being extremely rude or offensive or leg humping female members. We reserve the right to temp ban without any warning.

*Please do not post images of works that violate their copyright agreement. (ie: Magazine/Book Scans and Car faxes). Also, No links to or requests for Torrents/Torrent Sites or CARFAX or Autocheck.

*Any picture, article, DIY, review, posts or threads posted by our forum member at The370Z is property of If you're going to use the article, pics, DIY, review thread in your own forum, blog, website, club site etc, you MUST put the source link (thread link) of our forum and give proper credit. If you fail to do so, I will send you Cease and desist letter/email.

*Any thread(s)/post(s)/DIYs/TSBs/pictures posted in The370Z forum is property of THE370Z. Even if you leave the forum or get banned and want your post/thread removed, we reserve the right NOT to delete them (as they are resources for our members)

*Any mature content (contents that are not work safe) must include the NSFW tag. If you fail to include the tag in the title, your thread will be deleted.

*DO NOT post/DISCUSS private messages in public. They are called "private messages" for a reason. If you have a problem with a fellow member, feel free to pm Admins or moderators your pms. No exceptions.

*DO NOT start a thread just to bump your post count. Violators will received temp. ban and 0 post count when they return.

Also while these rules cover most common situations, they cannot anticipate everything. Consequently we reserve the right to take any actions we deem appropriate to ensure these forums are not disrupted or abused in any way. We reserve the right to ban anyone who willfully violates the Forum rules.[/LIST]

Signature and Avatar Rules

** Please keep your avatar and signature PG. This is a public forum and it's viewed from libraries, public computers, Colleges, Universities, Corporate Offices etc. Those who failure to comply, will be given a little time off**

Signature Rules:

1. Keep it under 3 lines.

2. ONE image per signature.

3. Maximum image size should be under 40 kB, to be courteous to our members on slower connections. (80 KB for Premium Members)

4. Maximum image dimensions shouldn't exceed 500 pixels wide, and 90 pixels high (40 kb) (500 x 100 pixels for Premium Members)

5. Keep text to under 50 words or so.

6. DO NOT put YouTube videos (via BB Code) in the signature. Links are okay.

7. No nudity or offensive material (This includes female or male genitalia, exposed nipples, Animated/Cartoon nudity, Animal Genitalia, male or female images with skimpy underwear/bikini Sex toy images, Images alluding to sex acts/bodily fluids (Feces, Urine, Semen, Etc.), offensive images, etc) KEEP IT PG!

8. No commercial/business/website promotion or LINK in Signatures (allowed only if you're a Vendor/Sponsor/Supporting Dealer).

Avatar Rules:

Your Avatar MUST BE PG or PG13! No exception! NO trolling pic, no half naked girls pic, etc. If you're not going to show it to your 10 year old, then DON'T make it your avatar! simple!

1. Maximum avatar size should be 150 x 150 pixels (under 20kB), to be courteous to our members on slower connections. (160 x 160 and 50 KB for Premium Members

1. No nudity or offensive material

2. No commercial/business/website promotion in Avatar (Vendors and Sponsors ARE allowed to include business promoting avatars)

3. No commercial/business/website promotion in User Title (Vendors and Sponsors are exempt)

4. No nudity or offensive material (This includes female or male genitalia, exposed nipples, Animated/Cartoon nudity, Animal Genitalia, male or female images with skimpy underwear/bikini, Sex toy images, Images alluding to sex acts/bodily fluids {Feces, Urine, Semen, Etc.}, offensive images, etc) Basically anything that you wouldn't let your 13 year old kid to see! KEEP IT PG!

5. Do not put Staff, moderator, admin gifs or pictures from other forums as your avatar/in user title. It confuses forum members. One intentionally breaking this rule will be subject to temporary ban, permanent avatar delete or fixed user title.

The purpose of signature/avatar is to personalize your posts. With that in mind, it should be related to yourself (i.e. picture of your car) and not any business/company/website/funny link that you promote or vouch for. When in doubt, keep it simple

Please follow these instructions to embed YOUTUBE videos in a post:

Please follow these instructions to embed Vimeo videos in a post:

Thank You.


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