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Conversation Between wicked370z and ZCarMan
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  1. wicked370z
    05-01-2011 02:06 PM - permalink
    Ok, I'll have to give him a call... thanks
  2. ZCarMan
    05-01-2011 02:02 PM - permalink
    If I remember correctly, you won't need to purchase the ballasts for the headlights so all you need is the lights themselves. Ask Dustin at Z1 and he can give you the ground truth on that. If I am correct, that would save you some coin.
  3. wicked370z
    05-01-2011 01:49 PM - permalink
    Will do man, thanks.
  4. ZCarMan
    04-26-2011 05:29 PM - permalink
    Check with Z1 Motorsports online. They're a sponsor here on this forum. They have headlights.
  5. wicked370z
    04-26-2011 05:05 PM - permalink
    Man I had the exterior painted, just like the tail lights, not only did it extremely cut down on the amount of light they put out, but now its peeling off... Really sux and I cant find anywhere that sells headlights other than the dealership and those are crazy expensive!!!
  6. ZCarMan
    04-22-2011 05:44 AM - permalink
    Wicked, when you say you had the headlights painted what exactly did you have done? Did you have the covers painted or the interior housings? I had the interior housings painted but the covers are clear.

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