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My new Nismo
picts of the new ride - no non-factory mods yet
Morimoto headlights and new bumper with RC brake vents
455624C0 2943 4F40 8985 4E0497E60A7D
To me this design is timeless
Japanese steel in front of the old GM Yards
New sud install - 8 JL (amp RD 900/5)
Close up motor side
Another close up
Close up trans side
Beautiful.  Packed perfect, carbon with spicer replaceable ujoints, and I think its 1.2 lbs lighter than stock
New driveshaft from The Driveshaft Shop...barely got it in
Tommy K' with gifts from JDM Parts Ninja! They rock
Close up of the Tommy Kalra front emblem
IMG 0539
IMG 0066
My Nismo Z

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