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Conversation Between o0javi0o and CrownR426
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  1. CrownR426
    03-26-2010 08:49 PM - permalink
    wdup dj!
  2. o0javi0o
    03-26-2010 06:55 PM - permalink
  3. CrownR426
    12-19-2009 08:24 AM - permalink
    I couldn't even take great pics, the scene was amazing!
    Once we all have another meet I'll make sure I have a tri-pod by then!

    Whatsup bro?!
  4. o0javi0o
    12-18-2009 08:49 PM - permalink
    Men............ the pictures on the album "first meet" are great! loved IMG 7360 (2nd pic)
  5. o0javi0o
    09-15-2009 10:41 PM - permalink
    Damm thats nice bro. I've been very busy these days. Right now I am in Puerto Rico. Ill be back in the states in october, ready for dj tiesto. He Will be playing at University of Central Florida Stadium w00t!!!! How was the party in NY electric zooooooooo??
  6. CrownR426
    09-08-2009 02:53 PM - permalink
    LOL! Life so far has been a real bumpy ride... BUT
    I went to this event in nyc called electric zoo on friday. The first day was the ****, armin and benny tore it up!
    I'm listening to prog house these days or electro!
    I'm open for any other kinds of trance!
    How's the z?!
  7. o0javi0o
    09-08-2009 02:25 PM - permalink
    W'sup bro!
    How's is everything?
    What new electro/pgrosessive music do you have so far?
    Ez man!

    If you want some of my music, let me know.
  8. CrownR426
    05-22-2009 02:23 AM - permalink
    Bro, I didn't know u dj!
    I mostly listen to prog-house/electro-house. Anything with a good beat nah means?!
    I'm going to see ATB spin in the city next month!
    Give me some good songs bro!
  9. CrownR426
    02-18-2009 02:00 PM - permalink
    Bro you have rad job lol...
    I know it's random but im hatin!

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