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  1. Niche79
    08-29-2013 12:42 AM - permalink
    just chillin. Tossin boxes at night like usual. They came up and asked me the other day if I wanted to do cover this year and I said I guess. We shall see though, you and I both know how crazy that can be. Other than that just chillin in the home getting it ready for our big pool party and bbq this weekend.
  2. The Z monster
    08-27-2013 05:44 PM - permalink
    The Z monster
    whats up man, hows life?
  3. The Z monster
    01-24-2013 12:46 PM - permalink
    The Z monster
    aw man! sorry i missed u guys. would have been nice to meet up! damn... did chesire sell the Z? i just wrote u back on a message thing, so i'll ttyl
  4. Niche79
    01-12-2013 12:25 AM - permalink
    hope your doing good, just wanted to let you know, me Huck and Osiris are gonna be in st lucie tomorrow afternoon to part out Cheshire cats car for mods etc. If you ever get on here anymore, contact me or something. 850-418-2481. Did you sell the car or fall off? lol let me know what ya been up to!
  5. Niche79
    12-04-2012 01:38 AM - permalink
    Fig'd Id swing by and say hi. I dont even show up on here much but for a fellow UPSer, ill say hey! Now that im down in the Orlando building, volume has began to pick up! Gotta dig in a few more weeks and were back to the easy stuff! Hope things are still going good down your neck of the woods!
  6. The Z monster
    09-01-2012 01:55 PM - permalink
    The Z monster
    thats good man.. i only get around 14.50 preload and i get around 25 when i drive, but im only driving for 3 n a half hours saturdays. hopefully i drive from the end of november til end of december. that would be great. get any new mods?
  7. Niche79
    08-22-2012 11:38 PM - permalink
    Not lots, about 22 an hour haha but thats not going to pay the majority of that payment. Married a woman who happens to make lots of money. Glad I was always friends with all of the ladies back in the day and was never rude to them, turned out those friends were the coolest girls and the one was marriage material!
  8. The Z monster
    08-22-2012 02:05 PM - permalink
    The Z monster
    nevermind. i saw the pic.. looks great. how much u makin at UPS? lol. more than me!
  9. The Z monster
    08-22-2012 02:05 PM - permalink
    The Z monster
    how'd the inspection go? i just saw this post. and if you're close to the 520 highway over around kissimmee and orlando, theres like 0 cops out there! if u get a ticket, dont blame me lol. i havent been out that way in awhile. Yeah well preloads been hot here in my area. sucks. My friend used to work in orlando. at the main hub. he said it sucked for preloaders but got better as time went on. idk whatev... anyway lemme get a pic when u get time.
  10. Niche79
    08-18-2012 12:04 AM - permalink
    yah man we did find a house there in Kissimmee, actually the home inspection is sunday morning. Gimme a few and ill post a full pic of it here. Its done nothing but rain every single day here so its been cool on and off. Ive been filling in on preload alot which of course helps the pocket book but I have to buy my cruise tickets for our honeymoon Sept 15. I also just put in my transfer papers to Orlando Hub on thursday and the manager has already signed them and they will be sent up next week to birmingham for processing and contacting Orlando to get me in. Other than that, all is slow right now, its gonna be hard to leave this building after so long but its time to move on and her job pays so good I cant fight it. Enjoy the weekend, ill be driving down tomorrow so we can be there early sunday morning for the inspection!

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