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  1. chirowolf
    03-08-2012 06:30 PM - permalink
    While the Z is beautiful I think the Evora takes it to the next level. I do not think pictures do the car justice The same is true of the Z. in pictures it is a nice car, but every time I see a Z drive down the street my heart still skips a beat.
    The other thing about the Lotus I love. I will probably not see another on the road hear in the midwest. The car draws a crowd everywhere I go. most people have no idea what the car is. ferarri? no, Lambo? no. its a Lotus. Who makes Lotus?
    Little does anyone know its the exotic car with the Toyota engine. maybe not a supercar, but definately a exotic around these parts
  2. chirowolf
    03-08-2012 06:29 PM - permalink
    The Z compares well in many aspects.
    the Z and the Evora are similar in acceleration with the Evora being slightly quicker. The Zs Audio and climate control are much better than the Evoras

    Where the Evora excels is handling. hard to described, but the car gives you great feedback. Makes you feel like you are a better driver than you really are.
    The interior is all leather and aluminum. the fit is abit wonky. the cars are hand built so they are somewhat "individualized" to put it politely.
  3. MrBrendan
    03-08-2012 02:22 PM - permalink
    Your Evora is beautiful. How does the Z compare?

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