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  1. Cambertireman
    10-14-2012 12:10 PM - permalink
    Hi,John Scott here PLEASE call me cell 262 434 7000
    I own Cambertire & I want to see if you have interest in a test I am doing Nov 5th in S Cal either at El Toro or Hyundai Proving Grounds
    I will GIVE you a set of tires free if you allow your car for the test.
    My tires will fit your 370Z great and will absolutely blow your mind I promise you with regards to handling/braking/ride quality/wear/looks etc etc etc.NO other tire even comes anywhere near what we can do. This test is set up for a major tire manufacturer to try our tires and also I will see if Matt Farah can come down also(from The Smoking Tire)I am absolutely 100% legit, I am not trying to sell you anything but I need support(a car)out there, you WILL have an AWESOME time 100%
    again John Scott 262 434 7000 cell#
    PS.I have images I wish to show you of a 370 on my tires but I do not know how to attach them here?My email is if you mail me I will respond w lots of extremely cool stuff

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