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LA Auto Show Preview Night....Only the Special Cars
Just got back from preview night. You've probably seen most of these in mags or on TV but here's some different angles of the ones that stuck out the most. Hope you enjoy!
Good looking SL...600 HP+ but weighs a ton.  Nice car's just the same just not terribly fun to drive.
Another Porsche...
Pickings were slim at this years show so I had to add in another Viper.  Not sure why Ferrari and Lambo didnt show this year, guess LA isn't...
Another nice looking Viper.
Not a Viper guy personally but this one looked pretty cool.
Tell me they wouldnt sell the sh#$ out of these things if they opt to build it.  USE BIGGER MOTORS in your JEEPS and they WILL SELL!  Bought a...
A new twist on the Jeep, I like this one.  I dont know what size the wheels are but in person they were HUGE
The great thing about this car is it fits right in where your spare tire goes.  Get a flat...pull a car out.
I drove a street version of this car, rides like a skateboard with metal wheels!  Didnt get to take it into any canyons but I bet it rails!
I really like this car.  The gray and red are different.  Yes, I like porsches...especially this one.
Cool thing about this fin, you can lay on it and get a tan, even if your 7' tall.
Who said the Nismo fin is too large?  This one weighs more then my whole car!!
Nice clean Porsche...A little plain but still a great car.
Another cool one.  Reminds me of the Travolta movie...Not the same car but reminds me of the TVR from Swordfish.  Spyker's are definitely in a league...
Always wanted to drive one of these but no chance yet.  The ol saleen is a monster and I dont think it will ever get old.
I love this car.  So classy yet different.  The hood, the interior, the wheels, very cool!
The back..  I do like the crazy roof intake, a little Rally sport action going on.
One of my favorites.  Driven a couple of these, cool thing is the scissor doors and the crazy exposed shifter.  Bad thing, not incredibly fast,...
The back of the Lotus, We'd never see it from this angle as we probably have double the HP
I'm not exactly sure what this one is other then I know its a lotus.  Tell you this, put all the springs and shocks in you want and I bet this one...
Cool looking ride, nothing too crazy but a good looking car just the same.
One of my wife's favorites.  Same as the one in the beginning, for sale for $275K...yikes!
Here's the front, told you there was too much going on.  Still sweet though.
Here's a done up Merci...  Love these cars but this ones a little over the top with the crazy stereo, neon, etc...
How do you transport your dune buggy, your quad and your family?  Buy this crazy looking thing and it could be yours for about $400K
Have to admit, does look a little like a Z...or...does the Z look like it????
Pretty sweet 360 and with the prices coming down so much you can get two for the price of a Z...ok, maybe not yet.
Sorry guys, love my Z but still love Porsche's, one of the best cars I've ever owned...wish my old one looked liked this!
One clean GTR!  black rims rule!
I love these bikes!  85-90K is a bit on the pricey side but really like them!

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