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AJ's Z Album - Many nice Z's - Many good times....
Enjoy the ride ..... Shift_Z
12" resonators sprayed with high temp paint. First coat. Another coat to be appled is a few days just to clean it up a bit. Sounds great !!! No...
Custom made pedals. The dead pedal is photoshopped in as my deadpedal hasn't arrived yet. This is just to get a good idea of what it's going to look...
Undercoating the rear wheelwells. It helps a little on noise reduction from small rocks hitting inside rear wheelwells
New custom exhaust - Installed 11-4-11 by Minute Muffler Dublin, Ca. 
This is prior to being painted with High Temp black paint.
New custom exhaust tips - Installed by Minute Muffler Dublin, Ca.
Z @ Umigo
Another shot of new exhaust prior to painting
New exhaust shot
My old 300ZX Turbo 50th Anniversary Car. I liked the t-top.
Another shot of debadge, tint and G35 spoiler on my old 350Z. Also note the wiper delete. The car just looks cleaner without the wiper.
The 04.5 350Z with front splitter. That same splitter now resides on my new 370Z. 
Also note - I did the CF badge inserts on this 350Z well. That was...
My old 04.5 350Z with G35 Spoiler, Medium window tint, S2000 shorty antenna and reverse lights tinted
LR Qtr Shot - 1st month
RR Qtr Shot - 1st month
370Z splitter (Actually off my 350Z) and the CF Nissan badge inserts.
370Z splitter height.... Much better clearance than stock spoiler
Silver 370Z Front before any mods
Silver 370Z - 370Z debadge - Z badge install - CF Nissan badge inserts done.
Silver 370Z Rear 370Z delete and rebadged Z over Nissan badge
370Z Silver Front - Front spoiler delete, Front splitter installed, CF Nissan badge inserts in place
Front of 370Z prior to any mods.

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