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  1. lovethe370z
    10-23-2009 01:25 PM - permalink
    You really need to shop around. I used USAA car buying program to find those dealers that might provide a good deal. There are lots of car buying programs out there through many different credit unions, etcetra. I have had the best luck with dealerships when I first search dealer inventories (either online or via salesman) and then contact a Sales Manager directly to see if he'll bite on the price. Bottom line is you have to be firm and make sure that you're getting not just a deal you can live with, but a great deal. If you are going for a 2009 Z, there is no reason in hell why any dealership couldn't sell them under invoice. Especially as we close in on December -- when the 2010 Z's come out and their 2009s instantly drop 5k in value.
  2. Moonlitebiker
    10-18-2009 08:09 PM - permalink
    I'm working hard to afford an 09 370Z. At 2k under invoice I can do it. Can you give me some tips, contacts and/or suggestions to make that happen?

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