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  1. koffeegy
    02-01-2012 08:21 AM - permalink
    I just turned 1300. Took a 210 mile round trip for some BBQ the other weekend. Fun road trip to a place called "The Shed". What about you? I am staring to save for a new stereo.
  2. stephsparkles
    01-31-2012 07:59 PM - permalink
    Funny you should mention that...I did the same thing, was sure to ask dealer if they were all removed when I went to pick up the car but a few hundred miles later I said to myself man this suspension is still kinda I crawled under the car and dontcha know they missed one on the drivers side! Dealer was rather embarrassed when I had them remove she rides great and I'm really enjoying it. How many miles you got on yours now?
  3. koffeegy
    01-29-2012 05:56 PM - permalink
    So how are you liking your NISMO? Make sure they took off ALL the front spring spacers. Mine was shipped with three on each spring. They said that all came off when I took possession, but I found one on each side that they missed. The ride is great now!
  4. koffeegy
    12-29-2011 11:38 AM - permalink

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