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  1. katjmmx
    05-04-2016 11:23 AM - permalink
    Rest in Peace, my very first Z community friend. This Z family has a huge hole in it now.
  2. jpkirk
    11-07-2014 10:38 AM - permalink
    So I have heard good things from the BRZ/FRS crowd regarding PTuning in Manassas. They started doing 370Z work, it would appear, about a year ago. I thought they were a sponsor but I don't see them in the list.
  3. katjmmx
    08-13-2014 12:26 PM - permalink
    Hey if you have any recommendations for a good tune in the area I would be so grateful! Was going to take her to Moore Automotive.
  4. katjmmx
    08-13-2014 11:36 AM - permalink
    Hahaha you know what I said that last night because I actually already did my "first mod" - changing the battery in my keyfob LOL!!!! I'm really excited to get out there, meet other members and get involved after lurking for so long.
  5. katjmmx
    08-13-2014 09:32 AM - permalink
    Thanks so much! I might try and come to Fairfax this Saturday since I live like 10 min from there, we'll see how I feel about the paper tags by then...I really dislike them now lol
  6. jpkirk
    08-13-2014 09:24 AM - permalink
    Cool, look forward to meeting you. There is a web site as well, not much going on with it but it does give you the location of the Saturday meets. Clicking on the location will give you an address and a map. We switch off between Columbia, MD and Fairfax, VA.
    Mid-Atlantic 370Z Owners Club
  7. katjmmx
    08-12-2014 06:41 PM - permalink
    Hey! Thanks for the link to our local thread. I am definitely going to bring my "girl" up to the car meets here ASAP. I want to get some real non dealer tags on her first though haha. Appreciate the link and look forward to meeting you in person soon.

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