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EazyD Misc
brakes after rain and using them. is the stripe around the center normal? or did they use wrong pads or something?
Fiat 500 Abarth
Subaru BRZ seen at the UMass Car Show 2012
Valentine1 "Savvy" attachment. OBD-II port
Valentine 1 (ONE) with visor clip
Killer Bee's debut!
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EazyD Cake 2
EazyD Cake 1
EazyD Cake 3
Crappy parker, crappy ride
License plate LEDs came in from - should take me 5 mins.
Pearl white kicks!
93 octane - 3/18/11
tv/movie screenshot game
pot hole
z car models
2011 02 05 14.51.33
What's worse than driving behind a Prius? Driving behind one in the snow when you are driving a Jeep.
What I want from tire rack for a snow set...!
Sold 6 games and still had to pay extra for Gran Turismo 5 for PS3... sigh.

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