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  1. robones
    06-06-2012 08:53 AM - permalink
    Oh! that is great to hear! That's awesome that you were able to get the upgraded one. I agree about continually improving.. but as a consumer, you are about to spend 95k on a new GTR... you dont want to feel like you buy it and then 1 year in a new model with 20% hp improvement comes out... I would feel like ****!!!!! So far 370z owners have dodge this trend.... all harware remains the same except minor cosmetic changes.
  2. djpathfinder
    06-05-2012 08:14 PM - permalink
    Thanks! I have a 2012, which has 530 HP. The 2013 had 545 HP and mildly revised suspension...It's good to see them continually improving the car, but not always financially feasible to keep upgrading to the latest and greatest...As it stands now, the 2012+ is kind of like GT-R 2.0, so it was a good time to make the move.
  3. robones
    06-05-2012 04:09 PM - permalink
    dude! awesome that you got a GTR! but how do you feel now they bumped the HP considerably on the newer models? I hate it when Manufacturers make these drastic changes on during mid cycle... I mean 480 is awesome but 530 is even better ; )

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