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Stillen 19 row oil cooler - on driver's side
Oil cooler on driver's side with stock power steering cooler in original location
This is what you see through the grille once the fascia is back on.
Cooler is now in place.  Need to connect the lines and tie-wrap into place.
Extra speed nuts go here.
Two sets of speed nuts and bolts (or other nut and bolt set that is similar) needed.
oil filter, sandwich plate and SS lines in place.
Cover the hard power steering cooler line (bottom one) with excess 5/8" transmission cooler hose (supplied by Stillen), which is no longer needed as...
This is what that plastic piece looks like re-installed.  This is where your SS lines will go through.
Cut two 1.5" holes overlapping each other and slice until you get a nice oval shape.
These two holes will be used to mount the oil cooler.
This is what the front end looks like after the fascia and underbody tray is taken off.  Look at all the bugs!

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