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Sparco Seat Install
This album has pictures relating to the Sparco Evo XL QRT seat install.
Last piece of the puzzle.  The slider adjuster arm had to be widened 2 1/2" or so.  The piece in the middle is copper tubing. I wrapped it with...
Another view of the passenger cabin with both seats.
Passenger side door clearance.  Much better than the drivers side.  1/2" at least.
The new Sparco seat in place in the 370.  With the seat slider it is just a bit higher in the car.  Sitting in it I am just touching the ceiling but...
For now I placed the SRS airbag behind the seat.  It'll fit between the seat and the door sill when I am done installing the seat.  It is plugged in...
The anti-sub belt attached to the Planted seat base and passing thru the anti-sub slot in the seat.  Aslo in the view are the wires from the seat...
The anti-sub belt attached to the Planted seat base and passing thru the anti-sub slot in the seat.
The anti-sub belt wrapping method for referrence.
The seat pan area vacuumed out and clean as I am able to make it using a shop vac.  I approve.
The New Sparco EVO XL QRT going into the car.  Before adding seat belt, and sensor pad.  Extra lumbar pads are shown on the seat.  They can be moved...
Seen here are the three pieces you will need to keep you car from getting mad at you.  The occupant pad and control  box is top. Seatbelt is center,...
Remove the seat covering to get at the occupant sensor.  It is hogringed ot the cushion on the top side.  You have to sut nearly all of them to get...
These are the two bolts that hold the airbag to the seat as part of the SRSsystem.  10mm bolts gets them loose, then fish the wire out carefully...
Now that the seat has been removed.  This is a great time to vacuum the whole carpet area and get it clean.  You will be glad that you did.
All the wires seen here will need to be removed carefully from the factory seat.  The Seat itself holds the Airbag, the occupant sensor and the...
Here's where we started the install this morning.  Factory Nismo seat in the passenger side of the 370.
Once the old seat is out, you are going to be attaching the anti sub belt to the seat base and the seatbelt latch to the base eyelet on the left side...
Passenger seat loose in the car cabin.  All four bolts removed at this point.
The Sparco seat fully installed.
The Door just touching the seat when fully closed.
The Door Gap when latched to one click
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