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  1. cmmonte92
    02-19-2010 05:12 PM - permalink
    No, this exhaust is off a real NISMO. I preferred this one to the S-Type because it had an X-pipe instead of the S-tune's Y-pipe. This exhaust is one of the main reasons a NISMO made more HP, than a regular 370Z. I believe it helped make half of the addition 15-16 HP that a NISMO Z had over the regular Z.

    As far as a new seal (gasket) kit goes, I dunno, maybe $30-$50? I haven't looked into it because the seal on mine was fine.
  2. cmmonte92
    02-18-2010 08:27 PM - permalink
    Paypal is best, for payments because it keeps both parties that are involved in the transaction, honest. Also, you can ask Motoextreme if you want a reference.

    All parts are included, but I would recommend a new gasket set, just so that you know that your exhaust has a good seal. you can order this through Nissan.
  3. cmmonte92
    02-18-2010 01:39 PM - permalink
    I live in Arizona and have had it for about 3 months. There's no damage to it and I am asking $600 plus shipping.
  4. cmmonte92
    02-16-2010 05:02 PM - permalink
    If you're still interested, the Nismo exhaust is for sale.
  5. red z
    02-14-2010 03:37 PM - permalink
    red z
    im interested in the exhaust

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