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Conversation Between Billy02987 and Mann
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  1. Mann
    12-01-2011 03:37 PM - permalink
    Alright thanks for all your advice and help.
  2. Billy02987
    11-30-2011 09:19 PM - permalink
    Twin Turboing the automatic is a good idea in my book. You could safely put down 470whp with it. You may want to consider some minor transmission upgrades such as a tranny cooler though since 470 is getting close to what it could handle.
  3. Mann
    11-30-2011 06:15 PM - permalink
    What would u say about twin turboing a automatic, that's what I have, and I wanted around 470whp.
  4. Billy02987
    11-30-2011 12:35 PM - permalink
    Forged internals is basically upgrading the pistons and rods to a stronger alloy set. The point is to be able to withstand higher heat and stress levels. It's expensive to do and isn't necessary unless your going to be pushing your car to the limits on the track frequently.
  5. Mann
    11-29-2011 07:04 PM - permalink
    Forged internals? Can u tell me a little about that, thanks
  6. Billy02987
    11-29-2011 05:35 PM - permalink
    I was making 450hp at 8psi. Safely you can go up to 11-12 psi on stock internals but I wouldn't do it often. I was tuned on a mustang dyno and they generally read a little lower then other brands. The stage 2 is capable of making more horsepower then the stock motor can handle so if you don't plan to go forged internals or anything then the stage 2 will be more then enough.
  7. Mann
    11-28-2011 09:26 PM - permalink
    How much wheel hp does the stage 2 get you?

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