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Picture Added 12-03-2008 06:00 PM

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  1. 370z
    12-09-2008 12:06 PM - permalink
  2. AK370Z
    12-09-2008 12:26 PM - permalink
    it's actually Japanese toll pass (as per MC@MYGTR)
  3. SoCal 370Z
    02-10-2009 11:58 AM - permalink
    SoCal 370Z
    Okay, my son came over and we both looked at it. He believes that it is for flash cards, and so do I. The photograph is on the right side of the dash so you can just see the hood release area, placing scale to where it is located; it is too small for a MiniDisc.

    There are two (2) slots:

    1) The top looks to accommodate a Compact Flash Microdrive card (ejected with the eject button on the far left side).

    2) The lower slot is an MMC card (to remove this card simply use the provided finger slots).

    Here's a picture of the ETC (Electronic Tool Collection System):
  4. SnkyDvl
    04-10-2009 08:31 PM - permalink
    I think SoCal is correct. This looks like a flash card reader.
  5. Shunya
    06-11-2009 02:50 PM - permalink
    SoCal is totally correct.
    In Japan this is very common to be in a car :P


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