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Rusty 01-19-2012 10:52 PM

Rusty's Nismo Journal
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Hi all!

I bought a used '11 GM Nismo 6M in Dec of '11. Had just over 7,000 miles on it. The Nismo was on my short list of sport cars that I like. Had a chance to get a '06 Viper ACR at a really good price, but that deal fell through, :mad: and I walked away from it. Then I came across this one a day later. Well, I fell in love with it. So I bought it. :tup: And here I am. I'll update this thread as I do things to the Nismo.

New to thread.
Things that I have added to the Nismo in order.

Stock Power:
282 HP, 230 Torque.

After Mods:
334 HP, 279 Torque.

1. McGard Locking Lug Nuts, P/N 999W2-JT000, $59.00
2. Nismo Car Cover, P/N 999N2-ZWN02, $215.00
3. AAM Oil Pan Spacer, No longer installed. AM Perf. Oil Pan took it's place.
4. Z1 34 Row Oil Cooler,
5. Z1 Power Steering Cooler,
6. Stillen Gen 3 CAI
7. Jsolo Clutch Pedal Spring,
8. Tonneau Cover, P/N 84982-1EA0A, $339.29
9. GTR Start Button,
10. Z1 Stainless Steel Hydraulic Clutch Line,
11. TWM Short Shifter,
12. PWJDM Stainless Shift Knob,
13. Mich PSS Tires, Front - 275/35-19, Now 285/35-19 Rear - 325/30-19, Now 345/30-19
14. FI Exhaust, LTH's, Coated, CBE with 12" Resonators
15. ForgeLine Rims, ZX3R, Front - 19x9.5, offset +25, Rear - 19x12, offset +28
16. WeatherTech floor Mats,
17. Nismo RC Brake Ducts, Left Side - P/N 41153-RTZ40, $612.00, Right Side - P/N 41152-RTZ40, $612.00
18. Dust Collector Reducers, 4" to 2", to adapt the 4" RC duct to the 2" Stillen brake hose,
19. Stillen Brake Cooling kit,
20. ZSpeed Aluminum Under Pan Diffuser,
21. Robispec Harness Bar,
22. Modded Auto Tecknic Aluminum Tow Hook,
23. Z1 Silicone Engine Hoses,
24. Z1 Stainless Brake Hoses,
25. Hard Brakes Ti Heat Shields for front Brake Pads,
26. UpRev tuning by RT Tuning, Vince,
27. Port matched upper, lower, and head inlet ports,
28. "phunk's" Road Race Fuel Pump Kit for Fuel Starvation,
29. Nismo RC Mesh Grille Screen, P/N 62851-RTZ40, $438.89,
30. Racing Brake, 2 piece Brake rotors, Front and Rear,
31. EBC Yellow Stuff Brake Pads, Front and Rear,
32. Brake Calipers Powder Coated by Mike, in Candy Red,
33. Motul RBF 600 Brake Fluid,
34. ARP Wheel Studs,
35. GoPro Hero3 Black Edition Camera,
36. "phunk's" Fuel Pressure Gauge - Mounted on the engine,
37. SPL Front Control Arms,
38. SPL Lower Control Arm Impact Bushings,
39. SPL Lower Control Arm Bushings,
40. Hotchkis Sway Bars,
41. SPL Sway Bar End links - Front and Rear,
42. Hotchkis Billet Sway Bar Brackets,
43. SPL Rear Traction Arms
44. SPL Rear Camber Arms,
45. SPL Rear Sub-Frame Bushings,
46. SPL Rear Knuckle Monoball Bushings,
47. SPL Rear Lock out Kit,
48. AM Perf. Oil Pan from Shamu,
49. CarboTech XP10 front, XP8 rear brake pads,
50. ATI Damper,
51. Garmin Virb XE Auto Bundle Camera,
52. Z1 Finned Diff Cover,
53. MA Motorsports Diff Cooler,
54. SPL Solid Diff bushing kit,
55. Speedhut Diff Temp, Water Temp, and 150 PSI Oil Pressure Gauges,
56. Yaw Sensor Mod,
57. OS Giken Diff,
58. Z1 Brake Master Cylinder Brace,
59. TrackSpec Motorsports Hood Vents,
60. SPL Rear Upper Control Arm Bushings,
61. FE Designs Canards,
62. FE Designs Fender Vents,
63. APR Front Splitter,
64. Castrol SRF Brake Fluid,
65. Bell Raceworks Diff Brace,
66. ESPEEDER Oil Catch Cans,
67. ???

Wish List:
1. Lightweight Flywheel and Clutch set-up,
2. Z1 Motor and Transmission Mounts,
3. Coil Overs, JRZ's, Preload and ride height independent of each other. Independent adjustments for compression, and rebound,
4. Aero. Rear wing,
5. Bigger Radiator,
6. Brembo or AP Racing BBK,
7. Bride Euro II? Stradia Low Max? Stradia II Sport? Seats,
8. More Horse Power and Torque,
9. More Driving Skills,
10. Mich Cup tires in the sizes I want, 295/35-19 Ft, 345/30-19 Rr
11. '17 Viper ACR, Gumbert Apollo,
12. Hitting the Lotto,
13. List is getting shorter.

All of my Install threads. :tup:

Rusty 01-19-2012 10:59 PM

After reading the thread in the Nismo section about the front spring spacers not being removed at dealer prep. I checked to see if mine still had them in. Yeap, mine still had 2 spacers per side installed after 2 dealers had their hand on the car. :mad: So I removed the spacers and then took the Nismo back to the dealer for alignment. The reason for going back. Is because the dealer told me that they did an alignment before I bought it. Good thing I when back. As the left rear was out.

MJB 01-19-2012 11:13 PM

Nice! What are you plans as far as future mods? What Gen Viper were you planning on buying? Also what part of PA are you from? I used to live in Hershey.

Rusty 01-19-2012 11:22 PM

locking lug nuts
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After reading about the stolen wheels in another thread. I went back to the dealer and bought the McGard locking lug nuts. Part number #999W2-JT000 for $59.00. I also read the threads about the wrong locking lug nuts being used. The reason why those locking lug nut heads broke off is. The the wheel stud pushed through the top of the nut before the cone section of the nut touched the wheel. I've seen it before. :eek: And being for two different style of wheel holes.

The pic's show both the regular lug nuts and the McGard lug nuts.

Rusty 01-19-2012 11:46 PM


Originally Posted by MJB (Post 1499853)
Nice! What are you plans as far as future mods? What Gen Viper were you planning on buying? Also what part of PA are you from? I used to live in Hershey.

I'm south of the 'burgh, by about 30 miles on the Mon River.

I was going to buy a black '06 Viper coupe that a doctor's wife owned. He passed away last spring and the car has been sitting their basement since. A friend of mine told me about about it. And gave me her e-mail address. I got a hold of her and we talked on the phone. She really didn't know much about the Viper. I told her I would give her fair price for it, and she agreed. I went to go get the Viper with cash in hand. Got there, and she told me that the price had gone up $15,000. I asked why. She then told me that a friend of hers said the Viper was worth ALOT MORE, and she had someone else interested in it too. I laughed, turned around and left. didn't say anything else. I got an e-mail 2 weeks later asking me if I was still interested. Replied back and said that I already bought another one for the same price that we agreed on the first time. LOL My friend had told me that she is having troubles trying to sell it now.

What you see in my sign is bought and paid for. It just hasn't shown up at the house yet. As I get it. I'll update. There is some other stuff that I'm looking at right now. But no decisions have been made yet.

Rusty 01-20-2012 12:39 AM

Car Cover
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Because I can't get my Nismo in the garage for now. Got 2 projects going on in there. Restoring a '89 Honda CB1 motorcycle, and putting a supercharger on a '07 Honda VFR. Don't have enough space to squeeze the Nismo in there. So I bought a car cover from the dealer. Part number #999N2-ZWN02, price $215.00. Fits like a glove. :tup: No more snow sitting on it. :)

Rusty 01-20-2012 12:54 AM

Base Line Reading
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Got the Nismo on a Mustang dyno the other day. Corrected HP 282 and torque 230. About what I figure from reading everybody else's reports. It's running a bit rich for my liken

Click on pic for video.

Rusty 01-20-2012 01:02 AM

Oil pan spacer
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My oil pan spacer I ordered from Z1 came. I'm now waiting for everything else to show up on Saturday I hope. :) I'll install everything at one time. This way I don't have to remove the front bumper twice.

Rusty 01-24-2012 09:55 PM

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This stuff showed up on the door step yesterday. :tup:

What's in the boxes? Box number 1 is my 34 row oil cooler, and my power steering cooler. Box number 2 is my Stillen Gen 3 cai.

Thanks Z1! :D

Now I need my stuff from Tony. :D

Rusty 01-25-2012 08:01 PM

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My clutch pedal spring came today. Thank you Jsolo. :tup: Now I just have to find time to install of of this stuff. Working 12hr days is tough trying to find time to do things. :mad:

Rusty 02-02-2012 11:58 AM

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Got my tonneau cover today. Part #84982-1EA0A, price $339.29. Parts guy wouldn't cut me a break. Even after I bought him donuts. :mad: To install it was easy. All of the hooks and holes were already installed. All I had to do was put the tonneau cover it's place. :icon17:

Rusty 02-02-2012 12:06 PM

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Installed my clutch pedal spring today. Took all of 5 minutes to do it. Now I can feel the clutch engage. I no longer feel like a noob shifting gears. :icon17:

Rusty 02-02-2012 12:11 PM

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UPS and FedX was both here today. Got my GT-R Start Button, and my stainless steel hydraulic clutch line. Next I got my TWM short shifter. hopefully next week. I can start to install all of this stuff. :icon17:

Rusty 02-14-2012 10:05 PM

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Finally had some time to install most everything. Moved the motorcycles around so that the Nismo would fit.

Rusty 02-14-2012 10:07 PM

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First thing I did was to drain the oil. And install my oil pan spacer.

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