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Originally Posted by MightyBobo View Post
Because your math is completely flawed. That's why nobody "understands" it.

You throw out a random hourly wage, random "time spent" doing random tasks to purchase a vehicle. And then made it seem like he took 2 full weeks of work off to BUY A CAR (80 hours worth) and "lost" that money, so in the end the money he saved was offset by the "$1600" he wasted in time.

Read: your odd tale of wasting money to buy a car with fudged wages and fudged time-spent is all a fabrication in your mind, exacerbated by the fact that you're frustrated you cant sell a car at MSRP to someone who's educated enough to know how a dealerships financial system works.

I dont know what you're complaining about anyway, its not like there wont be some Joe Dumbass waltzing in willing to pay sticker or more because he thinks it'll be SO exclusive.
This thread is very interesting.

I am a salesman also, working for Toyota. There has been many times, actually i would say about 3-6 times a day when i want to tell a customer to F**** off! but i dont. i give every customer i speak to the red carpet treatment and within the week they usually make a purchase with me and many times at full list or MSRP. There are customers who dont give a f**** who you are, how much training you have or how long you been selling cars for they just want the lowest absolute price possible, take delivery of the car, and never wanna see you again. And then there are customers who just want to be treated with respect and want to feel like they've been taken care of and when they see that.. they'll let you stick your hand in their pocket.
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