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Default VIN JN1AZ44E09M402164 beware

This was the VIN on the Black base with Sport Package that I was supposed to take delivery of last week from Tischer Nissan in Laurel, MD. Upon inspection the passenger side rear quarter panel had a significant number of paint defects, thru to the clearcoat...and not small spots either. Someone had apparently tried to wetsand it or something but it looked ridiculous. Bunch of gray marks on a black car.

Anyway, I rejected the car, regardless of how good they could make it look, due to diminished value and potential long term clearcoat failure. Figured I'd post the VIN to try and protect anyone trying to buy it... JN1AZ44E09M402164.

Update as of 4.29.09

VIN: JN1AZ44E49M401275 : This car was crashed by one of our forum member.. It was totaled. Then, we saw the car pop up on ebay for sale. With the modern technology, I'm sure someone WILL fix this car and try to sell it on the market (since it has only 315 miles and interior is intact) . So, be careful buying a slightly used Chicane Yellow. Check the VIN.

VIN: JN1AZ44E39M401249 Check out the thread here: VIN JN1AZ44E39M401249 - Be Aware. Not a huge issue. A fellow forum member is just looking out for a potential buyer. Not sure if the power windows module or any other electrical items by the door were affected.

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