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Originally Posted by Mike@GTM View Post
I beg your pardon? At no time did we ever swear at you or any of your employees. We conduct ourselves professionally thank you very much.

Now, your employee Miguel called us on Friday asking if we had HKS spark plugs on the shelf. We said that we do...still do, in fact.

Later in the day, you called again asking to start a dealer account with us so that you can get a discount on those spark plugs. We told you that you can fill out a dealer application on our website and e-mail it to us.

You called again asking if you could drop off the dealer application in person. At that time, things were looking pretty hectic here and I told you I'd have to call you back and see if we'd be available to talk to you when you came in. I checked our schedule, and we had a lot going on. I called you back and told you that unfortunately, we are simply too backed up with work to give you the attention we like to give our dealers and that it would be best if you e-mail the dealer application to us.

You called again and talked to Sam. I overheard him telling you that we are not set up for Will Call and that for quickest turn around time, that you would be better served purchasing on the website.

At 5:30pm or so, Miguel and another guy show up here. He asked about buying the HKS spark plugs. Since I overheard Sam telling him specifically, that we are not setup for Will Call, I was very confused...especially after I already told him that it wasn't a good day to come by. Sam came out and told him that our shipping guy was in the middle of putting a kit together that needed to ship today before close of business. He also told him "I don't understand why you are here after the conversations we had on the phone."

Excuse me if I missed the part where we told you to "frak off". Because we didn't and we were not rude either. We were 100% straight up with you. For you to join this site with the sole intention of trying to discredit us for not selling you a set of spark plugs is ridiculous at best.

I regret to inform you that the world does not revolve around you and poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on ours.
Glad to see Mike chimed in, I'm going to put this thread to bed since it looks like no further productive discussion will be had, other than members bashing OP for not being as gifted with the English language as others.
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