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gbrettin 01-02-2019 12:38 AM

Mr. G. Brettin's Slow Motion Leg Hump

Figured I'd start a build thread because I like to show and tell. I'll just start off by posting pictures and circle back with comments.


2009 370z Sports Package
First picture of my car.

The car as it was last seen operational:

Running list of installed parts:
Turbo Guard (2)
Drivetrain Industries custom 3.5" aluminum drive shaft.
Hot Rod Fuel Hose AN-8 Nylon Braided & 8 Fittings Bundle Deal (x2)
Black Sheep Industries T4 Turbo Blanket (x2)
Lokar Engine Oil Dipstick
Lokar 4L80E Anchor-Tight Locking Flexible Transmission Dipstick
CSF King Cooler 7065 (for A2W)
Ceramic Coating: Up pipes, waste gates and exhaust manifolds.
Turbowerx Spartain Pump w/ Turbowerx Pure 100 micron filter.
After Market Industries Stainless Steel Fuel Filters (2)
Derale Cooling Products 13215 - Derale Power Steering Cooler Kits
Winters Quick Change Rear Diff
Sikky Power Steering Lines
Boyd Welding 1 Gal 8x6x6 Aluminum Tank (for surge tank)
Brian Tooley Racing LS1 Rocker Arms
SPAL 16" High Performance fan
Meziere 100 Series Electric Water Pump Chevy LS Engines WP119UHD
Brian Tooley Racing LS1 SHAFT ROCKER KIT w/ hardened mounting bolts.
Concept Racing Universal Vertical Coolant Header/Swirl Tank
Derale 19 Row Hyper-Cool Dual Cool Remote Cooler (Two 5" Electric fans)
ICT Billet LS Billet Oil Pump Pickup Girdle Tube Pipe Hold Down Brace Support
CSF 8023 2 Row High Performance Universal Triple-Pass Racing Radiator Dual Core Aluminum
Custom built 4L80e by Capizzi Automotive - Many upgrades... I don't know them all.
Hughes Performance Aluminum Transmission Pan GM 4L80E
Independent Engineering Custom Oil Pan
FiTech 102mm 70062 Throttle Bodies
Maven Performance T4300S T4 Flange 2.5″ Single Inlet
Maven Performance n/a SMALL FRAME TURBO MOUNT
Sniper EFI Fabricated Intake Manifold Dual Plenum 102mm GM LS1 820242 Intake
Twin Turbonetics 70mm
Blacksheep Industries:
2 45mm Waste Gates
2 50mm BOV
4" Charge Pipe Clamp - Extreme Duty 2
3" Charge Pipe Clamp - Extreme Duty 4
2.5" Charge Pipe Clamp - Extreme Duty 2
3" Stainless Steel vBand x2
2.5" Stainless Steel vBand x 6
Kenwood DDX9903S Radio
Phoenix Gold Ti265ps 6.5" Door speakers
Carbo Tech AX6 Brake Pads
DBA 42315XS DBA 4000 XS Series Rear Brake Rotors
EBC DP41824R EBC Yellow Rear Brake Pads
Finite Element Design Brake Duct
Goodridge Brake Lines
Stillen Front Brake Cooling Kit
Z1 Motorsports Front 2 piece rotors
Bergstrom Freightliner BSM-1000360348 Heater Booster Pump
Davies Craig 150 Electric Water Pump
Davies Craig Mount
Frozen Boost A2W Intercooler
Motion Raceworks Billet Dual Channel In Line Flex Fuel Sensor Mount
Motion Raceworks 1010005 LS Stainless Coolant Crossover Steel Steam Vent Kit
Motion Raceworks 32-102 Coolant / Transmission Billet Overflow Catch Can
Setrab 34row Engine Oil Cooler
Clear View Filtration 125-115-B Screw-On See Through Oil Filter
Accusump 3qt
LOJ Conversions n/a 370Z and G37 (Z34, V36, CV36 Chassis) LSx Swap Engine Mounts
Royalty Performance Rear Diff Brace
AMP EFI IGN-1A Race Coil Ignition Coils with Internal Ignitor
AMP EFI IGN1A_Piggy Pigtail Connector for IGN-1A and GM MAF Sensors
AMP EFI LS58xEU GM LS 58x Plug and Play Engine Harness-ULTIMATE EVO
DIY Autotune 8 EGT Probe
DIY Autotune MS3V-E_PKG MS3Pro EVO Standalone Engine Management System
DIY Autotune n/a CANEGT 8 Channel Thermocouple Interface
Firecore SF3100 Plugwires
Innovate 3891 DLG-1 Dual Lambda air/fuel ratio gauges
MS3 N/A MicroSquirt CAN Transmission Controller with 4L80E Subharness
Passport 9500ix Radar Detector
Powermaster XS Torque Starter 9509 Starter
RIFE 52-1041 RIFE 1/8" NPT Combo Pressure Temperature Sensor 52-1041
Zex 82009 Remote Bottle Valve Opener
Zex 82369 Adjustable Nitrous Bottle Heater
ACDelco 36P1568 Power Steering Pump
ACL Race Series 5M7298HX Chevrolet 4.8L, 5.3L Gen III/IV, 5.7L Gen III, 6.0L, 6.2L Engine Bearings
ARP 234-2504 Balancer Bolts
ARP 234-4345 ARP2000 HEAD STUD KIT
ATI Super Damper ATI917264 Serpentine Series Harmonic Balancer
Brian Tooley Racing LS9 MLS Head Gasket
Brian Tooley Racing MLS Exhaust Gasket
Brian Tooley Racing SK001/S/6560/BL BTR Platinum Valve Spring Kits
Brian Tooley Racing Chromoly pushrods.
CP Pistons BLS1013-019 Piston
Dirty Dingo DD-LS-ALT-LM-CM Low Mount Alternator Drivers Side
Dirty Dingo DD-LS-SD7B10-LM-KIT LS Low Mount AC Combo Kit
Dirty Dingo DD-LS-SPS-B-CM Small Diameter Power Steering Pulley 5"
Dirty Dingo DD-LS1-PS-TR LS1 Style Camaro Billet Power Steering Bracket
Filtermag SS250 Oil Filter
GET’M Garage n/a Piston Cooling System
GM 4.8 Crank
GM 799 Cylinder Head
GM LC9 Engine Block
Holley 890014B Sniper Valve Cover
Tick Performance Billet Valley Cover Gen-IV LS, DOD Delete
JGR JGR-1052S LS Billet Aluminum Oil Diverter Barbell
JP Performance 5615T LS1 Billet Double Roller Timing Set
LJMS Custom Grind Cam
Melling 10295 High Pressure Oil Pump
Molnar Technologies Custom Connecting Rods
Motion Raceworks 10-11003 LS Adjustable Timing Pointer Kit ( F Body GTO Spacing ) 10-11003
Motion Raceworks 32-100 Top Loader Billet Oil Catch Can ( Dual 10 AN Port ) 32-100 - No Fittings
Motion Raceworks 32-120BK Billet Valve Cover Breathers Black Anodized (Pair) 32-120BK
Motion Raceworks LS-SCB-1 Smart Coil Brackets for LS1 Stock Valve Covers
Trick Flow Specialties TFS-30600211 Intake Valves
Zex 82021 6 Cylinder (EFI) Universal Wet Nitrous System
Fast Intentions . Cat Back Exhaust
Loud Valves 3" Boost Activated
AeroCatch 120-2000 Latch
Duckbill v3 Areo Kit
Finite Element Design n/a Fender Vents
Fly 1 Motorsports Spec-V GT Carbon Fiber Vented Hood
G2 Carbon Custom Carbon Fiber B Pillar
Nissan oem Areo Kit
Side blades N/A Side blades
Verus Engineering N/A Rear Diffuser
Zspeed Nismo V1 Performance Aluminum Undershroud
Aeromotive A1000-6 Fuel Pressure Regulator (custom)
Bosch . 220lb Low Impedence Injectors
CJ Motorsports n/a CJM Twin Fuel Pump
Injector Dynamics ID 750 Fuel Filter
Motion Raceworks 27-10002 LS Timing Cover Fuel Regulator Bracket (Aeromotive Small EFI Regulator)
Walbro F90000285 HELLCAT 525LPH (2)
3Gs Customs . Ultra Premium Gauge Pod
Blend . Billet Radar Mount
Carbon Fiber Paddle Shifters
Carbon Fiber Element Shifter Ring
Carbon Fiber Element Switch Plate
Evo-R Rear fog light
Energy 98169 Sway Bar (Stabilizer Bar) End Links
GTSPEC GTS-SUS-1378 Subframe Connector
H&R Suspension . 20mm Hubcentric Rear Spacers
SPL SPL FE Z34 Sway Bar (Stabilizer Bar) End Links
Soul Function NSZ4RC1041L Fender Brace
Whiteline . Differential Bushings
Whiteline BNF41Z Sway Bar (Stabilizer Bar) Front
Whiteline BNR37Z Sway Bar (Stabilizer Bar) Rear
Whiteline KDT911 Subframe Connector Bushings
Custom transmission mount
Z1 Motorsports n/a 370Z / G37 Aluminum Subframe Bushing Collars

Removed items:
Z1 Motorsports 370z High capacity differential cover
VSR 50mm Wastegate 2
VSR 50mm BOV 2
VSR Silicone Reducer, 3.0" to 2.5" - Black 2
Moroso Road Race Pan 20143 Oil Pan
ICT Billet \551605 LS Lifter Valley Cover
K&N Short Turbo Air Filter 4" RU P/N 2510
417 Motorsports 417MSEWMB-WMP Water Manifold
-16AN Water-Neck Adapters, No Welding-No Clamps required 2

gbrettin 01-02-2019 12:46 AM

Bought a verus rear diffuser because my car may have went airborn at some point... I will not confirm nor deny that.

Also seen in the picture are the side blades for my Z, new dual band AFR, Aeromotive fuel pressure regulator and some camber arm that I picked up on the cheap. The Uprev tuning software was sold (more on that later).

Some Aerolatch hood pins

Zspeed under shroud:

Zex Nitrous Kit w/ bottle heater and remote opener (Click Here for nitrous install)
Nitrous filling stations (because why not)

I think an eject button is called for with nitrous.

Install completed with nitrous

I added carbon fiber shifter trim, switch plates and Kenwood Excelon. The Excelon can tie into the OBD2. Gale Force's pillar can also be found in the picture. I recently upgraded to a dual Innovate wideband reader.

While I was on the carbon fiber kick... figured I would pickup some CF paddles. (look close, you can see my monkey toes)

You knows what goes good with interior carbon fiber? exterior carbon fiber.

Finite Element Design Brake duct inlets w/ stillen brake cooling

I want an even flow of CF, not too much just accent pieces so I found legit CF B pillars, not CF overlays. These will replace the OEM pillar

I wanted some cooling for my engine bay so I went with Fly 1 Spec-V hood. - SOLD in favor of making my own pin on hood.

Should go good with the Fly 1 Duckbill v3. (Fast intention exhaust removed. more on that later)

another view of the duckbill. Fuel pump failed so it was upgraded to an Aeromotive Stealth 340

gbrettin 01-02-2019 12:57 AM

In this section... I'll lead off with this, because it's relevant. I've decided to go for an LS swap on my Z. Donor engine acquired! Aluminum block 5.3 :)

The engine is pretty much trash so I need to break it down so that it can be sent out to the machine shop.

It's Time to send the block out for machining now that the block has been broke down.

Cylinders had pitting and were out of round; however, machine work made everything better than new.

A 4.8 crank was located because the goal is to destroke the 5.3. Keep in mind that the crank is the determining factor between a 5.3 and the 4.8. The block was punched out a bit so the ending displacement is more like a 5.0. Now you might be asking yourself, "why the destroke???". Well, I have two reasons. 1.) The destroke should make for a high reving engine. 2.) The 4.8 is strong. Very strong, as in hold 1500whp strong.

Another reason why I had to put a 4.8 crank in the block is because GM never made an aluminum block (L33 code) with a 4.8 crank.

gbrettin 01-02-2019 01:04 AM

Accessories for the block? Yes please!

Molnar connecting rods, 2k hp rated.

Holley Sniper cross ram

AMP EFI coil packs

2200cc Injectors

MS3Pro Evo and CAN EGT reader (will be removed from that box)

8 EGT sensors, one per hole for tuning.

Two snails for some breath-ability.

Two intercoolers that will be joined at some later date

madwi 01-02-2019 02:02 AM


old guy 01-02-2019 10:07 AM


Originally Posted by madwi (Post 3811051)

gbrettin 01-02-2019 10:08 AM

CP pistons should be on their way and hopefully arrive mid January. I need to place an order to LJMS (Lil' John Motorsport Solutions) for cam, pushrods and trunnion kit. When the engine comes together, I'm looking to push 9k RPM or so.

I was at PRI last month and found a new product that will go into my Z once released by Sikky. I'm going to have to opt for solid mounts because expected HP/TQ range for the LS will be around 1000.

CRiZO 01-02-2019 10:41 AM

Well that escalated quickly.

Elmo370z 01-02-2019 10:49 AM


gbrettin 01-02-2019 10:54 AM


Originally Posted by Elmo370z (Post 3811113)

You knew my plan since 2018 Zdayz. LoL

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God-Speed 01-02-2019 10:55 AM

Nice!! :tup:

JLarson 01-02-2019 12:08 PM


:rock: :rock: :rock:

wideglideleon 01-02-2019 12:47 PM

What Transmission will you be paring the LS motor with?
What do you plan on doing with the CF paddles you purchased?

gbrettin 01-02-2019 01:33 PM


Originally Posted by wideglideleon (Post 3811139)
What Transmission will you be paring the LS motor with?
What do you plan on doing with the CF paddles you purchased?

What Transmission will you be paring the LS motor with
- Going with a built 4L80e. Transmission will be built by Capizzi Automotive in MI (Stock LS SBE record holder). This guy:

What do you plan on doing with the CF paddles you purchased?
- The paddles will be used with the 4L80e because the BCM is going to be mapped out for all OE controls.

EZT 01-03-2019 09:00 AM

Are those Fly1s paddles?

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