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Originally Posted by cwj370 View Post
Off subject, love the dog, is that yours? I have a 1 1/2 year old female. She is 6th one. They are the most wonderful dogs ever!!
Dobermans are to other breeds like the Z is to ... other cars. I was thinking about this and the general OT-ic nature of the comment, and it struck me -- the Dobe is halfway btw a greyhound and a Rottweiler, and "highly styled", but an all-around, good, working class dog. And the Z is somewhere between a Corvette and a run of the mill daily driver, with pronounced haunches.

Though the Z is called a catfish and other names ... and there's no apparent visual relationship to any particular dog breed, especially Pinschers ... it just sticks in my mind, that they are very much alike in purpose.

You are so very fortunate to have a young lady! This guy runs (owns) the house. ;p (Once you've had a Doberman, it's hard to change breeds.)
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