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Originally Posted by 370degreesNY View Post
... After a wash I fell in love with the white it really shines when the sun is out. I get a ton of compliments on it and head turns all the time so I'm happy.
For some reason, white seems to make the car more approachable. If you had a hot color (ie., yellow, blue, red) people might be intimidated, but "pearl" is just a safe, gorgeous tone, and they'll walk up and start talking unprompted. Happened to me 3X today. (I thought the teenage grocery cart clerk was going to ask permission to pleasure himself.)

The roads around here are terrible, I ended up getting the tire/wheel insurance just in case. It would be nice to have the sport pkg with the nicer wheels but 27.5 was supposed to be my limit and I went over that by a couple thousand haha.
Hmm. OK, this will help on rim replacement, but the sad news for you is that the rubber is going to be gone too soon for you to cash in. Check the treadwear rating on "Yokohama Advan Sport", a summer tread design, and you may be shopping for rubber this fall. What I'm planning to do is go to for Goodyear F1 Eagle All-Seasons when I've put 15K on these shoes, and see how they last into the winter. (I would prefer Michelin Pilot A/S Plus or Bridgestone RE960AS Pole Positions, both of which we've had on other cars, but tirerack doesn't carry this tire in the staggered sizes we need.)

Down here on the shore, halfway to Atlantic City, the winters are usually a lot milder than inland, and definitely milder than Westchester. If you're going to try to keep it as a winter daily driver, you'll probably take off the front l & r wheel "spoilers" which serve as snowplows in the slush.
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