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Default Front Bumper / Front Vents / Aerodynamical goodies

So I’ve been hearing quite a bit of chatter about those who want a better frontal down force / lighter front / better aerodynamics / more ventilation in the front.

So here are my Ideas and please post yours here so we keep the other threads on topic

My Idea is a front bumper that has an air vent other than the grill placing that can have an attachment where air would be routed from there directly into the air box. Not just a hole in the bumper but an actual routing.

The bumper could be fiberglass or carbon fiber. Not carbon fiber for looks but it would be unidirectional carbon fiber fabric which is the same as any other carbon fiber fabrics, but not for cosmetically purpose. The bumper would have its top coat (gel coat) which could be primed and painted, and the reinforcement would be carbon fiber or fiberglass.

The price of something like this I’m not sure. But its not going to be in the thousands like other companies. I would plan on making this less than 1K.

I would be able to do carbon fiber for appearance also if requested but that would be much more since it would take quite some time to produce and it would take more than one person to do since carbon fiber products need to be done with in a certain amount of time so that it can be properly vacuumed for perfection.

We have never created products this advanced before (lip kits, grills, aerodynamic add ons, fenders… Those are all easy and simple) but this is something we have never done in the past so it would take about a month to fabricate including drying time and such. But then again… If we couldn’t do it I wouldn’t be posting this

So if there was enough interest this is something I have no doubt in my mind we can make happen. Like I always say. You're the boss, we're are the workers

Just keep in mind this wouldnt happen until after we get the CF roof, fenders, and a few other tiny mods finished.
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