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Originally Posted by DIGItonium View Post
For all the FI owners out there, what is your experience boost and throttle response when modulating throttle position? I want to get a feel for drivability and control. Too bad there's no turbo VQ cars for me to test drive to get a feel for this.

How does it feel when accelerating at partial throttle? Can you get it to start boosting at moderate RPM and throttle position? In other words, can you get a bit of assist during casual acceleration? The car stasrts boosting right away so yes....keep in mind that the GTM kit uses GT28RS turbos which are small but spool up very quick.

How about giving it a bit more throttle, and then letting it go (not completely) when boost starts to kick in? In other words, give it a decent amount of throttle to 40mph, and slightly releasing it and coast. Lots of power but no real difference fom stock when you back off.

How about getting in 3rd, progressively press down the pedal to the floor, let boost kick in, and then gradually release the pedal and coast? Again, power real difference from stock when you let off.

How about making a turn. Have you guys hit boost while turning and applying throttle? Does it oversteer easily because of this? It happened when I drove the Z32-TT... got a bit happy, squirrelly, but quite fun overall. If you kick mine while on a corner your tail is going to drift....much more than most TT Z32s.

Also, with a boost controller like the EVC6, how well does it improve response especially at varying throttle position, RPM, etc. compared to not having one at all?
I dont have a boost controller.
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