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Originally Posted by Liquid_G View Post
Nice job with the install.. Any chance you could post of what parts you are using? Including the required pieces to measure boost? Considering this over the HKS Camp2 because of the A/F thing.. Dont understand why HKS can't monitor that.

there is the Blitz. It is a little more then the HKS but it reads more. The blitz does not read boost pressure. So you will need a guage for that one if you are S/C or you could use your boost controller if your TT like I am. Also My budy has a Camp2 and I like my interface better then his. He even likes my Blitz more, so I think i got the right unit. I can't remember everything the camp2 reads with out sensors, but I know for the whole sha bang your talking like 1100 with all sensors. Here I spent 600 and for the most part I am done. They have two optional sensors, oil pressure and water temp. I got the oil pressure sensor which goes for 130 since sam recomended it but not required. Also the water temp sensor I think is not needed since on my screen it is picking it up from the ECU. I will try and take a picture of everything you can monitor, will that help you? Also I did some driving with it this morning and there is no lag at all in the system. It displays all the numbers smoothly as if they were independent gauges. Let me know if this helps or if i need to answer your questions better. All in all I love this damn thing and wouldn't trade it for the world. Well worth the money.

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