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Mr Nismo (which seems a strange screename given that he doesn’t have a Nismo or apparently even a Z anymore) has indicated that he’s “done arguing with me”…well...he’s said similar things before in other threads and kept posting anyway so who knows! In any case, whether Mr. Nismo is really “done” or not I guess we’ll see, but I AM done and after this post I’ll leave the thread to Kevin (and Kevin I do apologize for hijacking this thread...that truly wasn't my intention).

The comment about arguing is curious as I’ve heard little “arguing”. What I have heard and what seems generally true about ZCCA and those who jump to its defense is that it seems mostly unable to acknowledge the problems that existed and that continue to exist. When they do acknowledge the problems they discount them as unimportant, lash out at people who dare to point them out or offer their favorite excuse, the geography (which of course has ZERO to do with the continuing problem of getting the trophies and the results right).

With regards to the geography excuse, ZCCA dictated to all that the convention WOULD be held in Nashville…they and they alone bare the responsibility for that decision so cries about the difficulty of working from places other than where the convention was held are rather self-serving and in any case, if ZCCA was unable or unwilling to do what was necessary to deliver the convention while working from outside of Nashville then they should have made different decisions at the beginning; not cry about or have their supports cry about the difficulty after the fact.

What is truly important (and what seems to escape many here which I find very troubling) is a simple principle – the principle that when an organization takes a person’s money that organization has a fundamental and absolute obligation to deliver what it promised to deliver. And, when things do go wrong, as they almost always will, it is correcting the problems and making it right that should be paramount; not casting blame or offering excuses or even offering an apology because an apology that isn’t followed by action to correct the problem is a worthless and meaningless gesture.

When it comes to a ZCCA convention, people spend huge amounts time and money to prepare their cars, travel to the venue, pay for their lodging and food and significant registration fees not to mention likely taking several precious vacation days from their work just to be able to be there – it is NOT a small investment of either time or money. Those who attend have a basic right to get the experience they were be treated be told the not have to wait months for things to be set right. However, ZCCA, or at least some of its current leadership as well as some others seem to feel otherwise; at least that appears to be the case given their reaction and lack of follow-through to the very obvious and undeniable problems with this past year’s convention.

Some of that reaction has been that I and my local Z club has been personally insulted by ZCCA executive staff (and I have the emails to show it)…one entire thread (“It’s The People”) was the subject of an attempt at censoring when ZCCA, by misrepresenting (that’s the nicest way I can put) where things stood between myself, my club and ZCCA, got AK to make the thread unavailable for anyone to access/read. To his credit, when this was brought to AK’s attention, he made the thread visible again. Other information has also come my way that I can't discuss but all the above has let me to the following opinion, and this is simply my opinion, is that ZCCA feels, or at least acts like, the Z community is there to serve ZCCA rather then the other way around…that ZCCA dictates and we are simply supposed to obey and God help anyone who doesn’t genuflect and fall into line with ZCCA's pronouncements.

I said in my original post about the convention that “It’s The People” referring to my belief the it is the Z community at large that is important…that make a Z event, any Z event, something special…something worth supporting. Given that, I would have hoped; even expected, that the Z community would not stand for the games ZCCA seems to want to play but it appears that was a false hope based on some of what has transpired in this and other threads about the convention as few seem to care. If that’s the case, so be it…if people want to overlook the problems or simply don’t care one way or the other than I’ll leave it at that and go away (and I can hear the sighs of relieve here in Nashville from as far away as Cleveland and San Antonio! ).

Mr. Nismo or whoever wishes to do so is free to be angry, disagree, attack me, or whatever they want for saying what I’ve said above…I’m signing off and unsubscribing from this thread so I’m not going to see it anyway.

Kevin, for what it’s worth you have a stunning 370Z and I hope you eventually get your trophy and that ZCCA eventually gets around to setting the record straight in the published results on their website. I hope I see you as ZDayZ, Z1 ZNationals and at lot’s of other events.
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