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Originally Posted by NIZMOZ View Post
You crack me up. You continue to attack the ZCCA and the members of the ZCCA because you have some grudge against it. And saying you haven't makes me laugh. I am done arguing with someone who has no reason to complain.
If you are so convinced that I've attacked ZCCA or anyone, why have you not reported those alleged offending posts??? Could it be that you don't want AK to look too closely at what you have said to me?

You seem to have significant difficulty distinguishing between “attacking” someone (or something, like ZCCA), and making observations about what to most are obvious and serious problems and shortcomings that occurred before, during and now WELL after the convention. EVERYTHING said that is critical or negative about the convention that has been discussed in this and other threads (including the thread Chris Karl tried to censor) could have been completely avoided and would have been unnecessary had either better planning been done before the convention and/or problems that could have been addressed post-convention had actually been addressed in a reasonable amount of time…neither were done which is the only reason why this or the other threads exist.

Your devotion to ZCCA in springing to its aid and excusing its behavior is commendable but shortsighted…I’ve heard you and others offer many excuses for the problems or heard attempts to pass them off as being of no consequence followed by name-calling and insults but I’ve heard little in the way of genuine acknowledgment of the problems or, more importantly, addressing them.

I've not "attacked" anyone...I haven't called anyone names (unlike you and your brother San Antonioian); I've stated facts and observations. It’s obvious that you and some at ZCCA don’t like having those problems pointed out in a public forum but your lack of being happy about it doesn’t mean that pointing out those problems are “attacks”. However, if you truly feel I’ve attacked you or anyone then again I invite you to report the offending posts…that, rather than calling me names, would be the responsible thing to do.

When a person or an organization does something wrong, the good ones, the ones with character and backbone, do whatever is necessary to make it right. Those that have no character don’t. The latter sort do nothing at all or they deny the problems even happened or they try and ignore it all or they censor information they don't want the public to see or they (or their apologists) lash out at those who would dare to point out problems. Anyone who has bothered to read what has been said in this or other threads can decide for themselves whether ZCCA is the type or organization with or without character.

Obviously, in my opinion, ZCCA is without and I don’t apologize nor see any reason to apologize for saying so. You said I have a grudge against ZCCA but that's not correct...I don't have a grudge against them; I just don't like being dictated to, insulted, misled or censored.

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