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Originally Posted by Robert_Nash View Post
Having this trophy really bothers me - every time I look at it, bad memories surface. However, I think it would be a shame to throw away/waste such a nice trophy. So...I've been giving this a little more thought and I've come up with an idea that ought to make at least two people happy; myself and whoever would have won fourth place had there been a fourth place.

If ZCCA knows or can figure out who came in behind me in the voting, we'll just pretend I never entered the car show and then that way, whoever came in behind me in the voting will wind up in third place and qualified to have this third place trophy. I'll mail the trophy back to ZCCA and they can, in turn, mail the trophy to the other person - I have no doubt that whoever receives it will appreciate this trophy a lot more than I will ever be able to.

If that's acceptable to ZCCA then just provide me an address I should use to return the trophy as a post in this thread (or I can use the one one the box if that's a good one to use, again just post and let me know) and the trophy will be on its way.

This seems like a reasonable solution to me and everybody walks away getting something they want.
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