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Dealerships always fill your tank up when you purchase a new car i.e. one that's never been RS'd as it's called, "registration of sale."
I beg to differ on that one, good dealership do, the others you've got to brow beat into doing it. We will see as tomorrow I am going to take the numbers in and see what happens.

I'll let y'all know.


Former 260Z owner, getting back in.


Deal as planned purchased 2009 Monterrey Blue 370Z Touring/Sport, w/ Nav, splash guards, lighted kick panels, and all the mats at INVOICE, they didn't even bat an eyelash....and i big ol full TANK O GAS when I left w/o even asking for it. I'll post up in the new Z section when I get some pics. Thanks again to the members who helped in this purchase!!!!!


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