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Default Just bought a new 2009 370z, I think I got a good price

I got a 2009 silver 370z automatic coupe with touring black leather, bose, etc., sport package, and floor mats. It didn't have a rear mat or nav.

I bought it at Curry Nissan in Yorktown Heights, NY. Salesman was amazing. After I agreed to purchase the car but didn't want to trade in my 4x4 they offered to come get me at my house the next day and bring me back to pick up the car (1hr 20 mins each way!). I signed all the paperwork and got the bank check that night and the salesman picked me up the next day (today).

Yesterday, I bargained them down to 31k. After tax, tag, title, plates, it was under 33,750 total.

They have a blue one on the lot with a gray interior that is exactly the same setup as mine. I bet they'd do a similar deal or maybe even better if you are a better haggler than me. I told the salesman I'd post my deal here for anyone that wanted the blue one. BTW, blue is amazing in person. My computer monitor makes it look blah (so much so that I never considered it before seeing it at the dealership), but in person it is amazingly sweet.

Anyway, if you tell them I referred you (B. F. who bought the silver 09 on Sept 3rd/4th) and ask for the salesman Dustin Corbett, they will send me a $100 check if a sale occurs. I figure might as well share my deal and possibly get a check if one of you also get a good deal. :P (BTW, they don't respond through the nissanusa site's email thing. You have to email them from their own website if you want to contact them.)

The blue one had under 100 miles he told me. Mine had 28.

However, my TPMS is screwy. I adjusted the tire pressure to 35psi in each tire and the light is still on even after driving at 55mph. I think it might be faulty.

I also had trouble getting my windows to go back up after opening the doors (they drop an inch or two when you open the door so they don't catch while closing). The manual reads to reset the windows you hold up for more than 3 seconds on the window button. That worked after I did it like 5x on the driver's side but wouldn't on the passenger side, so I searched the forums here and found if you hold down for 10 seconds once all the way down then the same once all the way up, it resets. That did the trick for the passenger side window thankfully.

Anyway, I'll post some pics soon. Just wanted to share my deal, which I think is decent, since I've been reading this forum daily like 5x/day for the past three months, lol.

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