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Originally Posted by Jordo! View Post
PPE makes great stuff. They have a lot of experience designing custom headers for sports/sporty cars (e.g., last gen Celica GT-S, MR2, Lotus Elise, etc.).

Those of you on here who are getting to know me, should be getting the sense that I am no stranger to R&D projects where the goal is bang for the buck.

I was involved in the R&D, production, and sales of the 7th gen Celica GT-S header, which was the only header for that car to ever demonstrate solid gains, and we kept the quality high and the costs low too.

In short: For years, everyone whined that there was no decent header for the GT-S, so I contacted PPE and got a project in motion, which turned out to be a great success (insert Borat picture here ).

I will be testing out the fit and gains for their header on the 7-speed in due course with independent dynos -- stay tuned.

If it doesn't make power I won't have anything nice to say about it. That said, given PPE's history, I'm confident it will perform as advertised.

Will post lots of dynos (already have baseline runs posted in the South East Region thread -- see here Proven Power Dyno Database Thread ) and details once this gets rolling. Probably within next month or two.

Thanks a lot your response is exactly the kind I was looking for Please I know you might forget cause of how many ppl are on this forum but I am really interested in finding out how these headers work out for you cause i got a 7AT as well. Good Luck with your Z!
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