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Originally Posted by BeachZTT View Post
Hall Nissan where? In VaBeach, VA? If that is the case, I wouldn't walk on thier lot!

When the 350 Roadster first came out, my wife and I went to Hall to take a look. I was driving my close to pristine TwinTurbo. I asked the sales jackass if we could test drive one. He said he had to ask his manager. The manager came out and said that if I was ready to sign paperwork, he couldn't put miles on the car.

WTF, you want someone to purchase a car with a pricetag that high having never driven one? It was not like we were there to joy ride. We were responsible (well, usually) adults seriously considering a purchase. Anyway, rant over. They are both probably long gone by now.

Best of luck with your purchase! My good friend has a 40th and it is absolutely beautiful!!!

Yeah that's the one in Virginia Beach. Wow good thing you told me! I have never seen a 40th in real life I bet its 10x better looking than the pics.
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