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Originally Posted by kustomZ View Post
Kickbacks, rebates, financing, "undercar protection", extended warranties....shall I go on?
Might as well go on because you dont know the least about car dealers mr know it all... how can you say that dealers make money from kick backs which by the way are called hold back... which is money that a dealer does not see for another 3 months after you purchase, which is there to reward dealers for volume sales and its not much mayb 1-2% the value of the car which most cases they give that money away to make a lot of deals... rebates are you kiding me thats a joke... dealers making money on rebates haha.... in case you havent read anything anywhere, that money goes strickly to customers.... undercar protection? another funny one.. for someone that shops as hard as you do you buying under car protection is lame and hypocritical... If everyone would to read all of this posts on this forums and base this info for buying cars dealers would simply say no and good luck to all...

What kind of profit do you think dealers make when you buy a car??

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