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Originally Posted by GT-R man View Post
I have noticed that on this forum unless you hear something that you agree with people dont seem to take it as a learning experience, and SUBTURD is right dealers are numbering their days... and same to buyers.... because once the little dealers go broke and only the large ones are left... they will reign over their region, either new cars will become automated where you put in a price like on ebay and hope they accept the offer "best case scenario for all buyers" or they will have rediculous prices and make is so hard for customers to buy cars at reasonable prices that customer will buy mostly used cars.

but regardless of what happens the way it is now is going to change either completly eliminating my job or giving me a raise... either way customers will still not like to buy cars because customers hate to negotiate...
GT-R Man: No one will ever accuse you of putting forth an intelligent counter-arguement, lol. However, your incoherent ramblings are both ammusing and blissfully free of logic.

Here's the point. The paradigm has shifted, the model changed. If you understood the rudimentary basics of 'supply and demand' and the economics of 'volume' you will see that the Carmax, 'no-haggle' model is indeed the future.

Cars are essentially large and expensive appliances. We are not dealing here with diamonds or some other precious commodity that requires a specific expertise to determine price and quality.

Carmax treats cars the way Best Buy treats TV's. Because of volume sales, we the consumer get an immediate bottom line with all the same warranties, options, etc, as the dealers would like to offer.

"or they will have rediculous prices and make is so hard for customers to buy cars at reasonable prices that customer will buy mostly used cars."

This will never happen. Again, were dealing with volume. The trend will be to eliminate your job. In addition, the internet has given us complete transparency to your once "secret knowledge" and now anyone with a computer can find out the true costs and 'hidden' incentives of the product.

Although I can appreciate a good "negotiation", most people really don't have time in their day to argue with some sweaty, half-wit a**hole, who generally knows alot less about the car then they do. I have found this to be a most common experience.

So in the end I suppose we are not being "man" enough in your eyes by not wanting to face the 'big, bad car dealer.' In truth, its far less dramatic. We all have better things to do rather then subjugate oursleves to some antiquated form of bartering for an expensive appliance when we can skip all that headache and infact almost always get a better price by not coming in at all and doing all the 'negotiating' right here, on the computer.

Eventually, there will be no need for the 'car salesman' and we can just deal directly with the manufacturer via an automated, internet-based system and have the car delivered, to spec, right to our front door.
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