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Originally Posted by Bonzo View Post
IMO they should have completely killed off the 370Z in 2017. 6 years in the modern era is long, but 8 to 10 years is really long in the tooth. I think sales show that with the 370.

Then they should have spent the time off getting Nissan back in order as a company. Then come out with an all new modern Z in say 2025.

As it is, the new Z (not even a proper name as 3 dealers I've been to call it the 400Z), is a filler car to help aid and bridge a gap. Except I really think it was a waste of time. That's just my opinion of course, which means nothing in reality.
Ah don't get me started on the 370Z's long production run. I couldn't believe how antiquated the interiors were on 2020 370Z's I sat in and test drove at the dealer. Completely lacking all the "basic" new features found in other cars. No Android Auto/Carplay, no Lane Assist, no Adaptive Cruise. Just the same standard interior that was introduced in '09. The caveat to this was that in case if you wanted a "classic" 370Z in brand-new condition, well you could just buy one at the dealer. Except when you pay "new car money" for a technologically old car, it just doesn't make sense.

It seems that the CEO/political troubles in the company dragged out the introduction of a new Z way longer than was needed. I mean the Project Clubsport 23 was already prepared by Nismo back in 2018. That Nismo 370Z fully equipped with a VR30DDTT, shows where the thinking was headed, but perhaps they couldn't organize internally to make it happen;

So we got the "Nissan Z"/"400Z"/"RZ34", since the GR Supra's success required some answer as the aging 370Z specs could no longer compete. I really fully wanted/expected Nissan to introduce a proper answer, but it seems they were unable to with these (internal/external) challenges. My consolation is how few sports cars are on the market today. While the GR Supra is mostly BMW, Nissan is still producing their own sports car. But when I see the C8 Corvette and it's incredible ground-up design, I just imagine what kind of sports car Nissan would answer with if they really tried.
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