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Originally Posted by Bonzo View Post
I checked out a $62k sticker price Aria just last week. Its alright but certainly far from great. A lot of really cheap fake looking plastic inside. And the inside design is just okay, not great. They tried to think outside the box and failed IMO. This thing is no where near as good as a Murano. The best Murano overall was Gen 1 in 2003. This Aria, being 20 years in the future, doesn't hold a candle to what a stunner the Murano was in 2003.
I sat in an Aria a few months back at Nissan's GHQ in Japan and it was pretty sweet. I was very impressed to find an interior that was completely designed from the ground up. Not sure if the USDM version is way different. Here's a little video review I did on the interior I last checked out a 2019 Murano at a dealership and that and the many Rogues I've sat in all had (by now) very outdated interiors. This is finally something new from Nissan and I call it a win, purely from a design standpoint.
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