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Originally Posted by davidyan View Post
One note on the "TMV" true market value pricing quoted by is that I hear it is an average selling price. As with average figures, some people paid less. Therefore, when you use that feature on, it shouldn't be viewed as the lowest or best price possible.
TMV is just an Edmunds thing. In the real world KBB and Edmunds are a joke. People used to come in an say "But Edmunds says my car is worth this amount". The manager said "Then go sell it to Edmunds" lol.

When I worked at a franchised new car dealership I would make $100 comm on invoice deals. I hated it. But mass produced models don't hold gross. Buyers can go anywhere and buy at invoice or below sometimes. Camry's went $500 -$1000 below. I couldn't believe it. I didn't want to give the car away. I told the customers to go away. The Sales Manager would just cave in and give it to them. Just to move them off the lot. Sales people are afraid of Indian buyers! lol.

On the high demand vehicles that were new like Prius, Matrix, and Highlanders we would sell at msrp no negotiation. I would tell the customers right away there is no neg. on this car because of demand. And sometimes I was able to get a nice gross. Internet people would just shop around.
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