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Originally Posted by edeeZee View Post
As a former car salesman, I can tell you that this stuff is too mechanical and unnecessarily complicated.

Step 1: make sure your credit is straight, if you got issues or you're in over your head when it comes to debt--forget about getting a new car PERIOD!

Step 2: go on dealership websites to see if they even got the car you want, no dealership is going to "custom" order i.e. dealer-trade a car for you especially if you're trying to haggle them down.

Step 3: realize, if the car is in high demand e.g. when Mini's first came out, you can kiss a discount good bye and expect to pay MSRP at least.

Step 4: the dealership does not have to bend to you, if they don't want to whore out a car, then you should look elsewhere.

Step 5: DO NOT think that your trade-in is worth what you arbitrarily think it is. In other words, don't think just because you spent $20K in aftermarket parts that you can recover 70% of that, NOT EVEN CLOSE. Dealerships don't like modded or riced-out cars.

Step 6: PM me if you need help.
It is almost always better to sell your car yourself on Craigslist or Ebay. You will usually save yourself $1000. Unless you have a junk car that nobody wants or it has trans slipping or something. Then selling it to the dealer is fine. Sometimes they will give you a good price if the new car you want is a mass produced model like a Toyota Camry LE or most American cars. American car dealers have a very hard time selling their junk.

At auction the modded cars always go much less then stock. I bought them and made good profits because the large franchise dealers wouldn't touch them. So it is best to keep your stock parts for whn you are ready to trade in your car. You will never get your money back though. Nobody will pay you for the mods you installed. It's a hobby not an investment.
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