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Originally Posted by kdo2milger View Post
YES! this Guy is a REAL TOOL!!!

Then he sarts garbling about all these useless numbers about MR. Y and MR X, deal verses deal, APR verses APR, mumbo jumbo...

I will gladly utilize my time "researching" the BEST possible deal (INVOICE -$1578.00) and the LOWEST APR available (3.99%)!

You on the other hand can't come to terms with forums like this one because it threatens your way of life! and that pleases me, because I feel that TOOLS like you are an Abomination to the rest of this civilized world!

I find it funny that my "mumbo jumbo" uses less math than a 5th grader and u cant understand it... which by the looks of it you wouldnt qualify for the 3.99% regardeless...
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